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maddysmommy's Avatar maddysmommy 12:24 AM 03-22-2004
With my dd, I tried a New Native when she was an infant and she hated it. Got a Bjorn at about 6 mos and she loved it until about a year whenshe started to walk. We were given an OTSBH, which I only used in the hip position and was crazy bulky. Got a KKAFP which I loved but was too big and hurt my low back. I got a hip hammock because I was only carrying her in the hip position anyway but she doesn't like it that much. Now, at 2.5 I just ordered a Kozy Carrier - dd loves our Kelty, but it's so bulky for everyday. She's only 25 lbs so I hope I'm able to carry her for some time. Cheers,


mom2noah's Avatar mom2noah 12:29 AM 03-22-2004
Ah, my greatest loves. I'm so glad there is now a babywearing forum

I started with an unpadded ring sling. It was hard to get the hang of the first few weeks but I was determined. Once I got everything sorted out I began to love that sling, especially the compliments I got. Then I bought a KKAFP, which became my next great love. I wore that solidly through winter and it was worth every penny. I'm moving to a hot climate and I'm selling it, but I am so sad to say goodbye. Since then I've amassed a nice collection but my current favorite is my Zolo. It is the perfect fit, so comfortable, stylish, the pocket is an awesome touch, and the rings are so secure.
monday's child's Avatar monday's child 03:46 AM 03-22-2004
My story...

I was given a NoJo sling with my first child, I tried to use it, but I couldn't adjust it right - I kept cutting off the circulation to my ds's legs! But I still have it...not sure why though...

Then I tried two different snugglis (aka the Devil's Carrier, lol) with the next two kids and HATED them!

With my first, I got a lightweight frame backpack carrier on sale and loved it, have used it will all the kids.

#4 came along and my friend got me the Bjorn - which looked great until I put it on - it totally accentuated my large breasts I returned it. The same day, I found a BabyTrekker at a consignment shop for $10!!! I snagged it instantly and I love it! Doesn't hurt my back at all and puts the baby right where she wants to be - snuggled up against my chest. I haven't tried it in the backpack hold yet...yet...

Meanwhile, a mom at a playgroup showed up with a Maya Wrap. At this point, I didn't want to spend the money on something that wouldn't work, so had been eye-ing Maya's but afraid to put out the cash. She let me try it - instant love! I got one the next week (another $10 consignment shop find...the woman there said she can't keep them in stock b/c they sell instantly.) I did get a larger one as I wanted a longer tail for discreet bf-ing purposes.

The one problem with the Maya Wrap (in my eyes) is that it does twist up a bit and there is a bit of adjusting and untwisting before putting the baby in it. So I looked into pouch slings. Got the Urban Tot Tote from www.fussybutt.com - exactly what I was hoping for! Very small for throwing into the diaper bag, I can slip it on, slip baby in and be on my way. It's also dressier looking than the Maya in my opinion (though my mom loves the pattern of my Maya Wrap.)

I think the pouch sling will be my "running errands about town" summer sling. The Maya Wrap is great to wear over my coat with the baby in her coat b/c it is so adjustable, plus it is great for nursing and for keeping the baby on my lap at church or at the restaurant, etc. The BabyTrekker is great for the long hauls - like when I flew to Philadelphia this past summer. Popped the baby in that, she went to sleep, didn't wake up until it was time to put her in the car.
galadriel's Avatar galadriel 11:15 AM 03-22-2004
Snugli, OTSBH, Maya Wrap, KKFP, A piece of fabric from JoAnn's (Like an Ellaroo), a Rebozo that wasn't long enough for me.... a Sutemi....I think that's it. We've used'em all, liked them all for different times/people/things!
carrietorgc's Avatar carrietorgc 12:37 PM 03-22-2004
started with a nojo that was a hand me down from a cousin when dd was a newborn. i'm small so could never get it tight enough but it still worked for cradle around the house when she was little. my mom made me an unpadded sling (but used too much fabric) and we used that for kangaroo carry during the summer. now we have a kkafp and use that. mostly for hip carry now - she likes to be free at 9 mo and cradle can feel confining I do use the nojo sometimes now too.

I really want a maya and have it on my bday list
Tanibani's Avatar Tanibani 12:44 PM 03-22-2004
Originally posted by monday's child
The one problem with the Maya Wrap (in my eyes) is that it does twist up a bit and there is a bit of adjusting and untwisting before putting the baby in it.
But that is easy to fix. Just make sure the fabric goes all the way through in the first place (no twists anywhere) and then put it on. The last thing you want to do is to be fiddling with twists WHILE you are trying to get your baby in (or just before).

I was able to throw my Maya Wrap sling on at any time and put my son in in seconds - without a problem - as long as I keep the thread direction straight.
memory maker's Avatar memory maker 02:16 PM 03-22-2004
I have the Ergo carrier and I LOVE it!!
I have tried the OTSBH, the moby wrap, a baby bjorn, a snuggli, a hotsling...I think that might be it, it seems like Ive tried a lot. By far the ergo is the most comfortable to me and I like that it can be worn on front and back. I havent tried it with a newborn, but if we have another I will get the newborn insert to use with it.
jfrank411's Avatar jfrank411 04:15 PM 03-22-2004
I received the Maya Wrap as a present when I was pregnant, and it's really the only sling I've ever used.
Mindful Mom's Avatar Mindful Mom 05:39 PM 03-22-2004
Well, I like my Maya Wrap the best --- it's definitely more comfortable and versatile. But, I tend to use my New Native carrier more often, just because it's so easy to throw in my bag and I don't have to worry about adjustments (which is great when I'm chasing after my toddler at the mall!!).

I just ordered an Ergo carrier so I can wear Zoe while I cook!
cottonwood's Avatar cottonwood 06:25 PM 03-22-2004
I started with a Maya wrap, but it hurt my shoulder, so I went on to a OTSBH, which was very comfy for me (and baby also) but I think I would prefer a tail that is not sewn shut. The fabric (after many washings and carrying of heavy children) finally ripped, so I need to get a new one, and I'm definitely going to be looking around, but I'm sure I'll end up with another padded one.
babyluvr's Avatar babyluvr 09:23 PM 03-22-2004
I used an OTSBH-like sling made by SAHM for dd#1 and a frame backpack and just tying her on my back in a shawl, but wanted something more comfortable for ds, now 3 mos old. So I got a Maya like sling made by a WAHM and loved it till he was about 13-14lbs and wanted something else for walks and shopping.

Was thinking about a Kozy and decided to try and make one with my mom's help and it came out great, used a microfiber fabric that is very soft and strong, was on sale. So ds lives in that now, still in the front carry. It works for dd too (25mos) but she'd rather be running around most of the time now.

Making the Kozy-like creation didn't take much time at all and it seems to serve the purpose...dh would like an ergo or sutemi down the road when ds is heavier
LuckyMommaToo's Avatar LuckyMommaToo 10:37 PM 03-22-2004
I started with a pouch sling from www.mom-and-me-creations.com. I now own two and love them (DH wears one, too). We can still walk Ronan to sleep in this sling.

I also have a Zolo, which I almost always use for going out to the store. It's beautiful and very easy to use. Moms ask me about it all the time. It's definitely an attention-getter!
hubris's Avatar hubris 11:32 PM 03-22-2004
We started with a NoJo and a Baby Bjorn. I hated the NoJo - I'm short and felt like I was just swimming in the darn thing. Too much padding, and Griff didn't look comfortable to me. My DH used it all the time, though, and it worked well for him. I liked the Bjorn early on and wore him constantly.

I bought a Chic Papoose pouch sling when he was about 5 mos old and loved it for a kangaroo carry, although the regular size was just a bit long for that and proved to be way too long for a hip carry later. I ordered a smaller size and it's perfect for hip carrying now, although I rarely use it because he'd much rather be down running around!

I have a friend who owns a Mom-and-Me Creations sling and it's awesome. I think when I get pg with baby #2 I'll order one as a "happy baby to me" present! And maybe someday I'll get brave enough to venture into slings with rings.
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 06:40 AM 03-23-2004
My favorite 2 slings are my Ella-Roo and my Zolowear sling.
azyre's Avatar azyre 07:34 AM 03-23-2004
until about 8 months i used a hatchling stretch mesh ring sling, it was aztec stripes in funky colours. Lovely! I got it out the other day for a little cuddle lol.

Now i use a hipbubby ring sling, it's crimson broderie anglaise. love this one too! i am getting a black one for winter!

both are from aussie WAHM's and really well priced. Quality on both is great too.
quest4quiet's Avatar quest4quiet 04:44 PM 03-23-2004
I started with a WAHM made ring sling that someone gave me. It has recently started giving me problems and in a moment of desperation/inspiration I took a sarong and tied him on with that. Works like a champ. I may not buy another sling for a while.
Mamma2Addison's Avatar Mamma2Addison 05:20 PM 03-23-2004
Started with a Baby Bjorn which I loved but ds got too heavy quickly and it killed my back. Then we moved on to a Maya which I never got the hang of so I sold it and got an OTSBH which was perfect. Now I'm thinking I need something unpadded for the new baby so I'm determined to give the Maya another go with the help of a LLL leader. I would love a fleece pouch, but worry it will be too hot during our VA summers. Maybe for the fall...
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 07:52 PM 03-23-2004
I used a Maya pouch in the early weeks but quickly moved to my Maya sling. totally loved it and still use it on my 20 month old, 29 lb DD!

When she was about 4 months, though, she loved the hip carry position and I got a Hip Hammock. I totally loved loved loved that b/c it was so easy to put on and off, no adjusting and it was so secure. So I used that instead of my Maya until she learned to walk.

I want to try a KKFP with this next baby.
bc1995's Avatar bc1995 11:25 AM 03-24-2004
I started out with a NoJo sling with my first ds when he was about 3 months old. It was not long before I graduated to a Maya Wrap. I was in love! I carried my ds in it until my belly got in the way too much from my pregnancy. I had Brodie in the Maya wrap starting at one week, and he loves it! I just got a Momma's Milk sling, and I have found a new favorite. It is so pretty and SO comfortable.Momma's Milk I know that I will still use my Maya Wrap alot especially as Brodie gets old because of its super versitility. I also want a sling to use in the pool/lake this summer. I think I have a sling addiction.
HeatherSanders's Avatar HeatherSanders 01:39 PM 03-24-2004
Well, we started with the Hip Hammock following my (at that time) 2 year old's need to be carried. She broke her leg on a slide at the park ... well, she fractured it, but she could not put any pressure on it at all. I looked all over and found the Hip Hammock and was THRILLED with it! It distributed the weight perfectly and my husband would wear it too!

With Kenny, initially we went to Baby's R Us and purchased a Baby Bjorn - because again, after trying them all on it is what fit both me and dh the best AND he would wear it too. Which was important to me.

But then, I happened upon Kangaroo Korner and fell in love with the fleece pouches ... so, I bought one of those and it was PRICELESS. Kenny was almost always on me, sleeping while I worked at the computer. For a while he could NOT fall asleep unless I was rat-a-tat-tatting at this keyboard and he was in the pouch.

The other day (he's 15 months and 30 lbs.) he was hurting - gassy and feverish and I could not settle him. It had been a while since he had been in the pouch, but I set him in it and he quieted immediately and fell asleep while I sat here at the computer and typed away ... so, I'm STILL happy with it.

I loved the Kangaroo hold in the pouch - and my husband would use it too - I got a SOLID in a nice sprucey green!
newmomi's Avatar newmomi 01:54 PM 03-24-2004
I use a Pretty Momma Sling, I really like it. It is an unpadded ring sling. I havent figured out the back holding position but my dd loves it and so do I! It was rather inexpensive and it has a nice tail that isnt really really long. My friend used it with her 30 pound 2 year old and liked it a lot.
Zanymom's Avatar Zanymom 02:37 PM 03-24-2004
I had a nojo when ds was born, but I did not like it. I didn't find out about all the other slings out there until ds was 10mo old. But after I found them I was hooked.

This is my list now.....

Zions pouch
New Native
Maya Wrap
Silk Zolo
Simply Attached
Mei Tai

ok I think that is it for my collection right now, at least until I get the money to buy a Giraselle sp?, Rebozo, and Extra Long Rebozo.

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