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willowsmama's Avatar willowsmama 03:10 PM 03-24-2004
I'm interested in a hug a bub but can' t afford the 80.00 + shipping. Is there a similar wrap sling or does anyone have directions for making one?

steelesparrow's Avatar steelesparrow 08:46 PM 03-24-2004
I believe the Moby Wrap is quite similar - they sell online for 25-30 dollars.

There are also other stretchy wrap-around types, but I think they are more expensive. has them listed by type
steelesparrow's Avatar steelesparrow 08:47 PM 03-24-2004
I forgot to add - I got a moby wrap last week and so far it has been great for my 2 1/2 month old, nice and snuggly! I have tried carrying my 13 month old daughter in it as well but it was trickier to get her in it and on!

edit: not both in the sling at the same time