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crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 08:39 AM 11-26-2010

I'm kind of confused about the different Ergo options!


I might be getting an Ergo for Christmas (YAY!) but I need to choose which one!

DS is 21mos & on the small size, short & 23lbs. I also want to be able to use the carrier with future kid(s) if/when we ever succeed in TTC... DH & I are both short/smaller frame so I don't expect to have huge kids! I want DH to be able to wear DS too (and he has a couple inches & about 70lbs on me)...


Probably will use it most for hikes, errands, naps when out & about -- not so much around the house but who knows!


Up until now we've been using a stretchy homemade moby-style wrap which I *LOVE* but DS is getting a little big for it & stretchy + back carry = difficult... plus I really want something more convenient to get on & off!!

Soooo which Ergo style would you recommend? I'm leaning toward Ergo because we've tried friends' Ergos a few times & liked it but will consider other types as well...

ellemenope's Avatar ellemenope 09:39 AM 11-26-2010

This was the best baby product I ever bought, and I bought it when DD was 18 months old!


I bought it on a whim.  I saw it at buy buy baby and got this idea that it would help out our nap situation.  I just grabbed the first one I saw that I liked.  It was this one, but mine doesn't have the nautical print, which I am glad.


Cranberry Organic-




I hope you get more informed responses about which one is best.  I just wanted to say that at 18 months I was having to restrain DD in the rocker and rock her to sleep.  That was the only way she would go down.  Intuition told me that this was just what we needed.  When I throw her on my back  with her blankie she slips right into position.  I think she gets that snug secure feeling she needs to relax in the middle of the day.  Then, I get to do my hour's worth of chores for the day.  Nowadays, she sometimes will stay awake.  She seems to truly not need to nap much anymore.  But, she is so calm and relaxed and OUT OF MY HAIR.  I get to clean up, and I get a workout.


We use the ergo whenever we go out as well.  We like to go to museums and the zoo with it.  DH takes a backpack.  I either wear DD in the ergo, or the ergo goes in the backpack.  So, we travel so light compared to other families at the zoo and museums.  It is so nice to not have to hassle with a stroller on the subway.


DD is pushing 26 lbs now, and I still have no problem going long distances with her on my back, although no doubt I have worked up the endurance putting her on my back for the last year everyday for about an hour.  After long days out and about with her on my back I am exhausted.  But, it is doable and makes the outings so much easier.


If it gives you the ergo-muffin top, jsut do what I do, and pull your shirt over the waist strap.


Merry Christmas to you!  You are going to love it!  (and, if you don't, the ergos have realy good resale value around here on craiglist. keep the box.)

crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 09:06 AM 11-27-2010

THANKS! I'm so glad to hear you've had such good luck with it!! It would be awesome if I could get DS to nap in it on the weekends (during the week I have to work so he naps nursing in my lap but on the weekends I start going stir-crazy sitting still like that plus DH being home totally throws off his nap time!) I've loved having the moby-style wrap & we have only used a stroller maybe 4 times in DS's life lol so traveling light is KEY for me!! This is supposed to be a present from my mom so now I'm just hoping she doesn't change her mind & 'surprise' me with something else lol, I really want that ergo!!!! :)

P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 03:29 AM 11-30-2010

I didn't know there were different styles of Ergo, just different fabrics...??? (or is that what you mean?)


We got the galaxy grey as it is gender neutral and so DH and I can both use it. I found it kind of puffy and big in the shoulder straps. I then ordered a used one from eBay (as we liked it so much and wanted two so we didn't have to readjust the straps each time). It's a bit older....can't remember how old but the older model, not a new one...and the shoulder straps are much less puffy (and not just from use), which I like. That one is black with a light green lining.


I love the Ergo, but my only complaint is that the hood is not detachable, and I find it kind of annoying that it always falls out of the pocket and just dangles there. Still, that's a minor thing. Otherwise it's perfect! thumb.gif

Erin77's Avatar Erin77 11:04 PM 11-30-2010

I have the cranberry Ergo linked to above, and I really like it. I ended up with that one because I bought used on Craigslist, but I also looked at the Ergo Sport to buy new. Supposedly it has a cooler fabric and "breathes" better. The cotton one I have does mean my son leaves a sweaty spot on my front when we walk around. 


I also find that the strap fasteners dig into my back just below the armpit sometimes, but maybe I don't have it adjusted right. Any suggestions from you other Ergo moms?

CBEmomma's Avatar CBEmomma 08:44 AM 12-01-2010

I have the pink Ergo, eventhough I have 2 boys. I wear it for my 29 lbs 3 year old and my 20 lbs 7 month old. It's wonderful and it feels comfy on the front and the back. I also like the Boba too.

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 03:59 PM 12-01-2010

I found this blog about the various styles.



At a glance the Sport, as well as the Performance, appear to have a higher back than Original but I may be wrong. It could be an important factor though to find out for use with a toddler. I've heard that the Ergo back can be too short for some older babies.

crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 05:32 PM 12-01-2010

Thank you!! I think I will request the standard one, the performance & sport ones sound cool but I *know* I like the regular one from trying my friends' so I might as well stick with that. It sounds like the performance & sport ones are more contoured & higher which I don't think would work as well for me. Plus I like 100% cotton. YAY I hope I get it, I'm excited to wear DS more (and more easily!)

Aliy's Avatar Aliy 09:39 PM 12-03-2010

i would try the new sport one that they just came out with.. if i could get a new one i would get that.. right now we have the Galaxy grey one and i love it but when it hot here it gets a bit sweaty. the newest one has more breatheable fabrics.....


that would be my choice right now.. but there are so many choices now

sosurreal09's Avatar sosurreal09 02:29 PM 12-04-2010

it just looks like a modern version of a mei tai am i wrong? what's the difference?

crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 06:59 PM 12-04-2010

Originally Posted by sosurreal09 View Post

it just looks like a modern version of a mei tai am i wrong? what's the difference?

No tying. Much quicker to get baby in/out.

omamasmama's Avatar omamasmama 07:50 PM 12-04-2010

Ergo muffin top.... tee hee. It totally happens and I do the same about pulling my shirt out and over it. 


I also agree with wanting the hood to be detachable. Our hood has stretched out or something and never stays in the pocket now.


With that said though, we love our ergo.


We've literally used it since day one. It's so quick to get our DD in and out. It's great for quick trips in the store and for long walks. I don't walk as far as I used to with her now that she's bigger, she like another carrier we have where she's on my back but sits up and can see over me. And I just tried using it today as a hip carrier at the farmer's market for our almost 2 year old. Took some adjusting of straps but was great.


We have one of the organic ones that's blue with appliques. I loved it and put it on a wish list when I was preggo not really thinking about my hubby's taste. innocent.gif

But he loves it and rocks it when he wears it and it's not too girly. 


We bought the organic one and at the time it wasn't that much more than the non organic and that was really important to us. 

stellamia's Avatar stellamia 08:02 PM 12-05-2010

Does anyone know the difference between the older style Ergos vs. the new ones? I found one used (3 yrs old) for $50 and am planning to buy it since I can't afford to buy one new but am curious if the older ones are as good? 

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