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0 - I'm shopping for my first sling 3 3.41%
1 - Keep it Simple! 5 5.68%
2 19 21.59%
3 16 18.18%
4 9 10.23%
5 8 9.09%
More than 5 - I'm a sling junkie! 28 31.82%
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CarrieMF's Avatar CarrieMF 09:09 PM 04-11-2004
I voted 5+, but technically I don't have them all yet and some are listed on my site,lol

1 OTSBH which is only used in my babywearing classes

1 Wise Woman Fleece Adjustable Pouch/unpadded ring sling( I will be buying a Wise Woman Watersling)

The rest I made or will be making/started making this week

2 non-adjustable pouchs but I may have to buy different fabric for it this week, it's out of the same red material listed next. These aren't made yet.

2 red 5M wraps, I have to test it against my blue stretch wrap because this one may qualify as a stretch. I have to finish perfecting the edges.

1 blue 6M stretch wrap.

2 purple 6M wrap

2 3M purple wraps

2 peach 5 or 6M stretch wraps(need to be cut & sewn)

2 other things. I made a mistake when cutting the fabric, but they should work kinda like a Kozy, but different. I haven't tested it yet to see if it actually will work.

So I have 6 I use, 1 more that I make which I will be using and 1 that I will be buying to use.

jgale's Avatar jgale 12:21 AM 04-12-2004
Well, it's more than 5 counting one that I made for myself...
1 ella roo ring sling
1 Girasol
1 kk fleece pouch
3 asian carriers
1 homemade asian-type carrier

I am really hankering after the kk cotton pouch for summer. I think the fabrics are so pretty!
KoalaMama's Avatar KoalaMama 01:17 AM 04-13-2004
Oh goodness... I can say these were all in the name of research, right? Um, more than 25 and less than 50. I am not excessive normally at all (unless we're talking chocolate!), so I know this is way too much. I'm sending a bunch off to a friend next month for a babywearing fashion show she's doing, and after that I think I'll be thinning things out quite a bit.

Most often used at the moment...

EllaRoo Wrap
Moby Wrap
chellemarie's Avatar chellemarie 01:33 AM 04-13-2004
I have two slings. A PiggySling and a Moby Wrap. I'm loving the Moby right now.

I also have a Baby Trekker. It gets the least use.

I want an EllaRoo.
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 03:17 AM 04-13-2004
I have 2 Zolos, 1 Maya, an Ella Roo and an Ergo. I've sold the Baby Bjorn, the Maya pouch, the Girasol, the Podegi, the Rebozo, & I misplaced one Ella Roo and one fleece pouch.
Ember's Avatar Ember 05:48 AM 04-13-2004
Well, two but neither are in use anymore.
I had a pocket type pouch sling for when ds was newborn. That kept throwing my neck and shoulder out of whack. Ds was born at 10 pounds so that pouch didn't work for long.
I also have a snuggli but he outgrew that real fast as well. His poor chubby legs kept turning colors they were being squeezed too tight.

I'm now working on getting a few homemade wraps. I love being able to choose my own fabric plus I like how the wrap looks and feels. Not sure yet if I'll be satisfied with this or become obsessed and have to have every style and make.
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