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How do you carry other necessities when you are wearing your child?

I'd love to know:

(1) What kind of carrier you use (pouch/wrap/sling/front or back carrier/other)
how it's positioned (one shoulder or two, front or back)

(2) What kind of bag you use

(3) What you bring on outings


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I usually sling the baby on the front and wear a backpack on my back. I've done this with the Maya Wrap and also with my Ella Roo sling, and it hasn't been a problem.

For outings, it depends where we're going. I usually take less with me going out (maybe a diaper or two, a change of outfit if I'm feeling really organized, and snacks if my toddler is with us) than I do coming back, because I'm usually coming back from the library or grocery store with a full load in the pack.
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I have a kanga sling which is mostly used for short walks and nursing. I mostly use my trekker. For outings I carry a burlap over sized african painted bag. In it a cloth diapers, a change of clothes that are weather appropriate, and a snack. The snack is usually some cereal, a bannana, and a cup of water, soy milk, or dilluted juice.
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Well I want to preface this by saying I'm not very organized so...I keep diapers and stuff in the car, I often forget to pack snacks--mama milk seems to do just fine and we don't go anywhere for more than about 2 hrs. At the farmer's market I carry ds in the Kozy back-carry and use an umbrella stroller to hold all our purchases, my purse and so forth.
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This is a very good question and something I found didn't come up much when sling shopping. All these happy pictures of mamas slinging, but where's the diaper bag?

Anyways, I found shoulder bags to be impossible to use, but I got a backpack style diaper bag and I was able to use that with my Maya Wrap sling, pouch, and my Hip Hammock.

Now that I have a toddler, I'm actually thinking I'll have it easier, b/c for most outings I'll have an umbrella stroller for DD when she gets tired of walking. I'm going to get one of those bags that clip to the stroller handlebars and then I won't have to carry a bag at all, just baby!

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i have a vera bradley bag i use as a diaperbag and i can use that with my kkacp (on the opposite shoulder) i have been know to stash a thing or two into the pouch too which has helped.

i had my kozy made with a pocket that i plan to use for little things too. i may have to put velcro there though to keep the stuff from flying out when i put the sling on (and its upside down)

at stores - i tend to take my stroller to hold our bags!
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When I carry my daughter on my front in a wrap/sling/pouch I use a backpack. When I carry her on my back in a wrap/Ergo/Kozy I use a tote bag.

We cloth diaper and I usually bring enough diapers for changes during our outing, a sippy cup of water, crackers and (when I remember and/or have enough room) a change of clothes just in case!

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I find that any bag that you can wear messanger style works well with a sling. The Combi Urban Sling bag is particularly nice because it has a buckle in the middle of the strap which makes it easy to take of without removing the sling. Too bad it's not big enough to use for any length of a trip with a cloth diapered baby!
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I have a hand made, open tail, ring sling. If I have to carry things I usually put the baby on my back in it. He's at that age where he wants to grab everything so I've been needing to do it more.

I keep my diaper bag in the trunk of my car (It's basically a back pack). Sometimes I'll put a single diaper and a couple disposable wipes in a small baggie in my purse. I really started downsizing after baby #2. I figure all they really need is a boob and all you really need is the sling. :LOL
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I will usually stick small stuff from the diaper bag in the pocket of my Ergo and then I have my hands free for holding larger items that I buy and my ds's hand.
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I also carry baby on front and stuff on back. I keep one spare dipe, one wipe, a squirt bottle, and a PUL lined dirty duds bag in a small backpack. Works great! I keep more stuff in the car but have never had to use it.

Our combination of pocket diapering and EC works well even for longer outings. Usually I offer the potty to DD before we leave to up the chance she will have empty bowels. Then I put a Wonderoo on her so I won't have to pop her in and out of the carrier for diaper changes and also to keep any wetness away from her skin. We have successfully stayed out for hours this way.
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I use a small backpack. It has a few dipes, wipes, a change of clothes (dev's a puker), and usually a snack for me, and my wallet. Oh, and a small toy (who usually rides with her in the sling.
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