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hoping42's Avatar hoping42 05:12 PM 03-15-2011

It's been 5 years since my last LO was born and I packed my Kangaroo Korner and OTSBH slings in a box that I cannot find and both of these companies are now out of business. I found a KK pouch to use with my DD2 who is 4 months 16+ lbs but am not having luck finding an OTSBH - what is similar - I don't like many of the ring slings I've seen, like the Maya (?) as the tail is jut too long - would like one that has a padded shoulder like the OTSBH - any suggestions? Price is an issue - I've seen lots of lovely ones for $90+ but would rather keep it to $50 or so. If you know where to get an OTSBH that would be great. TIA!

TiffanyToo's Avatar TiffanyToo 08:43 PM 03-17-2011

I would recommend this  http://www.sleepingbaby.net/shopping.php 



hoping42's Avatar hoping42 10:17 PM 03-19-2011
Thanks for the suggestion I went to a babywearers meeting and tried one just need to figure out which fabric!
TiffanyToo's Avatar TiffanyToo 12:18 PM 03-20-2011

I started out with a Zolowear ring sling, I did not like the shoulder on it and it moved on.

I then got a silk Oopa ring sling.  DS was little then it too did not last long, he was spitter. Seemed everytime we'd wear the sling it was his cue to spit. The sling just did not look so stylish covered in spit. We now have a Hoppediz ring sling and a Didymos ring sling.

Good luck with finding your prefect ring sling!

kythryne's Avatar kythryne 05:39 PM 03-20-2011

Have you looked at consignment stores? The one I shop at had several OTSBHs the last time I was in...