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missjenn's Avatar missjenn 03:37 PM 04-04-2011

I would love one of these carriers!  TY

nicoleconzo's Avatar nicoleconzo 03:39 PM 04-04-2011

I have a 23lb 10month old and would love to win a carrier that his dad would wear! I am the sole baby wearer in the house and would love to hare the love!! I think more manly prints would help... camo maybe?


monkeymama1008's Avatar monkeymama1008 03:47 PM 04-04-2011

I would absolutely LOVE one of these carriers!  I am so jealous of my friend who has one!


I think that offering more gender-neutral designs and showing more baby-wearing dads on packaging and magazine covers could help as well.

lilmissbree's Avatar lilmissbree 03:48 PM 04-04-2011

I have had good experiences with men and baby carriers, I agree above with more advertising with men.  It would be fun to win!

katywood's Avatar katywood 03:55 PM 04-04-2011

My husband and I both wear our four-month-old boy in a black Moby wrap and we would love to try out another baby carrier! He is a former college athlete, and when I asked him what would make baby carriers more appealing to men, he said, "Professional and college sports team logos or their colleges. You may be looking for some sort of design gimmick, but the only thing the majority of men want to promote are their favorite sports teams or their university. Any designs other than that will be too cute and I wouldn't wear them."



annekebg's Avatar annekebg 04:06 PM 04-04-2011

I would love one of these beautiful carriers to wear my toddler in! She loves babywearing. When I am done I could give it to one of my friends who is expecting in the near future.


tresura101's Avatar tresura101 04:16 PM 04-04-2011

I would love one of these carriers first off!   Second, getting more men to wear their babies. As the wife of a baby wearing husband I know that my husband and the husbands of my friends prefer a carrier that is plain in color and is comfortable to wear. My husband loved the Moby but complained in the summer that it was too hot. Currently we use the Ergo and he prefers that over the Moby. I think the key to getting men to baby wear is for  their wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/friends to encourage it. Encourage women, thus encourage men.


jkilgore0719's Avatar jkilgore0719 04:18 PM 04-04-2011

My Husband loves babywearing and always laments the fact that we don't have a carrier that is his style.  I would love to give him a chance to wear our son more often.  :)

lilmonkeyj's Avatar lilmonkeyj 04:21 PM 04-04-2011

I know my husband was a supporter of babywearing once we went to a class that provided a lot of information on the benefits.  Providing the facts on how important wearing your baby is, as well as some manly options for carriers would help.  Plus, the more men see other men wearing their babies the more "normal" they'll think it is. 

stpetemama's Avatar stpetemama 04:40 PM 04-04-2011

I would love to have this carrier!


To get more men to baby wear, I suggest more neutral colors. Maybe even a few with sports team logos and prints.  More advertising showing men carrying the baby at guy oriented events. Sports, playing pool, hanging with other dads wearing their babies too.

Aidens_mama's Avatar Aidens_mama 04:59 PM 04-04-2011

I love becos and I know a ton of people who should have them.  I think to get more men to wear their babies we need to have more 'manly' looking carriers.  I have tried to get my husband to use my carrier but he says it looks to girl-y for him.  I think this carrier just might change his mind!! Love the light brown with the helicopter print.  I hope I win we could never afford to buy another carrier and I'd love to see my husband carry #3 when it arrives this summer!!

Altair's Avatar Altair 05:28 PM 04-04-2011

I have heard from men that the way Ergos and Becos are designed when you wear a back carry (which men seem to prefer, as the front carry makes some feel *pregnant*), the back strap that goes along the bottom accentuates your belly if you have one.  So a slightly sturdier/wider hip belt may help with that problem.  Men gravitate to Bjorns for that reason.  I didn't see anyone mention WHERE advertising is located either-- men aren't reading the typical magazines you see the ads in.  So ads on the subway in nyc (lots of babywearing here), ads in family friendly men's magazines, and on websites they frequent.  

tjlucca's Avatar tjlucca 07:37 PM 04-04-2011

I would love a Beco. My DP has a pouch sling, but no womanly  hips for babe to rest on. The Beco is a perfect alternative for him!!

mommalibbie's Avatar mommalibbie 08:27 PM 04-04-2011

Ooo a Beco carrier. What would be more lovely than seeing Daddy snuggling our little one in one (so long as it isn't pink)?

AlexisSue's Avatar AlexisSue 09:39 PM 04-04-2011

dust.gifI am a 24 year old mother who loves to babywear but I do not have an apropriate carrier for my daughter. She is uncomfortable in the carrier that I have and my back is killing me. I love the beco and everything about it. I have read and heard nothing but great things about it. I would love to win the beco carrier because it will help me with my daughter and getting work done around the house and school. I also have a step daughter who is two and it will help out with her and make it easier at the park and errands so I can carry my baby. 







Jessica Handy's Avatar Jessica Handy 10:44 PM 04-04-2011

We love baby carriers!  My husband was not very excited about the idea of wearing our son until I showed him the carriers that were more gender neutral and fit more like a backpack.  

onlyAngil's Avatar onlyAngil 02:13 PM 04-05-2011
Who won?
time4latte's Avatar time4latte 02:52 PM 04-05-2011

I think they are announcing at 5pm EST (in about 10 minutes). The giveaway was closed to entries yesterday.

Kaydove's Avatar Kaydove 03:29 PM 04-05-2011

Picked the winners yet? :)

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