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Christa S's Avatar Christa S 10:11 AM 04-05-2004
I'm not sure what to get, but I'm leaning towards a hug a bub (it looks hot, though).

Ack!! I'm a WAHM due in early August. I have a bum right shoulder that doesn't like to bear weight, so I'm looking for something comfortable that I can wear for longer periods of time.

I don't think this one would be bad, either:

Christa S.

kimberlylibby's Avatar kimberlylibby 10:49 AM 04-05-2004
If only one shoulder is bum, I think you should be okay with any sling as long as you wear it on the other shoulder
Christa S's Avatar Christa S 12:25 PM 04-05-2004
I've tried that... it doesn't work very well when I'm right handed. It worked pretty good to put a toddler in a sling and then slide her around behind my left arm, but it killed my right shoulder .

I ended up just getting good at being one handed and would tuck her between my hip and left arm so she was facing out and could watch what I was doing. I'm just looking for new options for the new peanut .

KoalaMama's Avatar KoalaMama 01:10 PM 04-05-2004
All three of these are great carriers, but the HaB is definitely the best suited for newborns. It's super comfortable, very versatile, and you'll get a tonne of use out of it. I highly recommend this carrier for any age baby, but I think would be perfect with a little new one snugged up against you!

As for heat... I used a HaB last summer with my then 6-8 month old and didn't find it that bad at all. On the hottest days I try to stay inside in AC, but in truth any time you have a baby up against you it's going to be hot regardless of the carrier or the weather!

You can get the Ergo with an infant insert (which I haven't tried) but I really don't think it would be as comfortable or cosy as a sling/wrap/pouch.

The Kozy can be used with a newborn but again, isn't the best option. This carrier works best after 3 or 4 months.
Christa S's Avatar Christa S 01:54 PM 04-05-2004
Thank you. I'm thinking of doing the hub a bub and getting 1 sling and 1 kozy later. The kozy looks easy enough that my dh would probably use it. This is his first baby and he's warming up to AP better than I thought he would (of course... he sees the results in my older kids ).

Mizelenius's Avatar Mizelenius 05:35 PM 04-05-2004
How about a podegi ? Too hot for summer, but maybe for later? Also, between my Kozy and Ellaroo wrap, the wrap is MORE comfortable on my shoulders.