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aja-belly's Avatar aja-belly 07:27 PM 06-01-2011

has anyone seen a ring wrap like the diy instructions on jan andrea's site? has anyone made and used one yourself? i'm thinking about making one, but would love to find someone who has actually used one and liked it before i go to the trouble.

SubliminalDarkness's Avatar SubliminalDarkness 07:56 PM 06-01-2011

Eh. I find it kind of limiting. I didn't have one, but someone in our babywearing group made one once. It's nothing you can't do with just an appropriately sized wrap, and if you don't modify the wrap you'd have more options. 

aja-belly's Avatar aja-belly 08:22 PM 06-01-2011

thanks! i have a couple wraps. i was hoping for something that is quicker to get on/off and something with less material in the texas summer.

motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 08:36 PM 06-01-2011

Hi -,I have been making ring slings for years - i too like them for their 'poppability' - also it provides nice cover to nurse in  (i am a plus sized mom and my babies head hides NOTHING!)  lol

I have made the 'accordion pleat'  https://www.mayawrap.com/n_sewsling.php

also i have just gathered the top and then placed a little cotton padding in between the fabric to be a bit softer on my shoulder....

you shouldnt need more than 2.5 yards of fabric ...unless you are over 5'10' and over 250lbs....  i have used calicos - although i have heard they shouldnt be used - i have never had a problem and find them FAR more pliable when carrying a very young baby.  I have also used linen - to make a 'fancier wrap' to wear to a Bar Mitzvah.  I get my rings from my local hardware store - but i found 

http://www.slingrings.com/index.php      to be fair priced and quick to order. 

feel free to PM me- i recently finished a sling to wear in the pool and at the beach made from solarweave fabric...and my DH came home today and informed me a friend of his at work just had their third baby -could i make a sling...so i will be back at the machine by the weekend!

GoGoGirl's Avatar GoGoGirl 12:34 PM 06-02-2011

I haven't personally tried one.  I've seen a bunch of tutorials on The Baby Wearer for using sling rings with wraps though...not sewn on to the wrap, but just loose rings.  It allows you to do certain carries with a shorter wrap.  I think I'd try that before sewing something new.

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