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matty02's Avatar matty02 05:06 PM 06-16-2011

I just had my baby Friday. She is 6 days old today. My friend is sending me a moby wrap. How old does she need to be to safely be carried? I had a ring sling with my other babies. Is it easy so breastfeed in a moby?

Also any other carrier you like better for a newborn?

ABO Mama's Avatar ABO Mama 09:36 AM 06-17-2011

Congrats on your baby!  You can wear the moby as soon as it arrives.

TiffanyToo's Avatar TiffanyToo 01:27 PM 06-17-2011

If the Moby feels overwhelming to you a ring sling is a good alternative.

AliceMay's Avatar AliceMay 03:01 AM 06-19-2011

I used a Moby pretty much right away and my baby was 5lb 12 oz. I found it worked better to put the Moby on folded rather than bunched, especially since she was small. Congrats and good luck!

alyadri's Avatar alyadri 08:57 PM 06-19-2011

I used a wrap with my ds from day one.  In fact, unless he was eating he would be in the wrap right next to me!  I was able to nurse him while carrying him, but he would sometimes find it too confining once he was a bit older. 

abqbabylove's Avatar abqbabylove 10:45 PM 06-19-2011

As soon as she's born! Congrats on your baby. And you will LOVE the Moby!



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