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blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 11:27 AM 04-07-2004
I feel overwhelmed like when I came into diapering. I've narrowed it down to pouch at least and I think adjustable might be better....but *does that narrow it down? :

*and I'm a plus sized mama

Kristine233's Avatar Kristine233 11:41 AM 04-07-2004
OK you have quite a few options LOL!

Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Cotton pouch and Fleece pouch

Equanimity Baby Adjustable pouches

Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch

Cozy Baby Adjustable Fleece pouch

There are more too

Another option is a Hybrid sling that combines the ring slign and pouch for another type of adjustable pouch. There are onyl 2 I know of:

Baby Space Adjustable pouch

Wise Woman Sling from Natural Way

For plus size woman I suggest somethign with a wide shoulder which you'll get on most pouches anyways. Goodluck and hope you find one you like!
Patrice#1's Avatar Patrice#1 01:13 AM 04-08-2004
I think the previous poster got them all
Have fun shopping!!

blessed2bamommie's Avatar blessed2bamommie 06:40 PM 04-08-2004
O man....decisions...decisions....