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dakotablue's Avatar dakotablue 10:29 AM 11-23-2011

So wishing I hadn't already bought two new carriers. I saw on facebook about FrogMAMA's black friday deal. I bought my Boba from them (after first buying one on Zulily)


So here's the post she put


Starting Friday select new Beco Butterfly carriers will be $70!! thats 50% off!! CRAZY I know This hasn't happened before and probably won't happen again...One day only friday 11/25! The next 2 days they will go up to $85! Still a great deal as normally they are all $139! Stay tuned for more great sale details!
Shipping isn't included
  • Frogmama ‎( a side note- these won't have free shipping as at 50% off I am actually loosing money lol but I do have a bunch in stock right now and would love to see some moms who don't have a carrier yet get a good one at a great price!)
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  • Vivian Liu Eckmann How much will shipping cost for a beco?
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  • Erica Ingalls So glad I waited to order! What will shipping be?
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  • Leda Breeden Ramey What time will this start?
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  • Frogmama Shipping will probably be $11 as that is what it will cost me... it will probably start at 12:00am EST 11/25 Shop early as once my inventory on certain fabrics is more managable I will probably bump the prices on those fabrics back up...:)
    I'm sure there are other amazing deals, but I wanted to share this with anyone who was looking to get a carrier. I don't know if I can convince Dh we need another after we recently spent $126 on the other two...but Oh such a great deal....
    side note: I have bought from Frogmama and really like their customer service (I had a buckle break) but don't know them personally.