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livacreature's Avatar livacreature 04:16 PM 12-15-2011

I have been carting DD around in the moby since she was a week old, I love it.  We transitioned a couple weeks ago to the hug hold from the nb hug hold because she felt like she was about to jump out!  Anyway, her ped noticed a hip click at her two month appointment.  We have an ultrasound of her hip on Saturday to check for dyplasia.  I was wondering if there are any carriers that are more or less hip healthy for lo with a possible issue?  I have a ring sling in the mail that I ordered.  DH uses a bjorn to cart her around, too. 

ABO Mama's Avatar ABO Mama 08:40 PM 12-15-2011

I'd check on thebabywearer, especially in the special needs forum.  I think the bjorn is a bad choice for dyplasia.

TiffanyToo's Avatar TiffanyToo 11:42 AM 12-16-2011

Baby wearing using a carrier that can form to your baby would be the best bet for continued baby wearing and helping your baby's hip develop properly.

A ring sling, a German style woven, or a Podegai would all give the support baby needs, some will accomodate a harness/brace should that be part of the therapy. Soft structured carriers, mei tai and carriers like the Bjorn that has baby dangling in the carrier will not hold the hip, upper femur, and lower back in a way that will encourage proper growth and development.

Here's a link.


svea's Avatar svea 01:12 PM 12-16-2011

I agree with other posters -- I would stay away from the Bjorn, front-facing carries in the Moby, and anything that doesn't allow the hips to be in a relaxed position (I think of the best way to carry as analogous to the fetal position -- legs relaxed and supported, knees bent and drawn up slightly to the chest). I would also stay away from tightly swaddling the baby in extended position (e.g. legs straight down). That's the tradition in Turkey and may lead to their higher rates of hip dysplasia.


You're prob. not using a cradleboard, but if you are: My dad added a footrest to the cradleboard he carried me in, so that there would be less stress on my hips/lower back.


Hope this helps!

livacreature's Avatar livacreature 08:22 AM 12-18-2011

Thanks for the info.  DH was a bit bummed that his bjorn is out, but has also suddenly decided that the moby is manly enough for him! 

rabbitmomma's Avatar rabbitmomma 09:23 AM 12-24-2011

Hi, my baby had pretty bad hips when she was born too, she was really close to needing to be in the pavlik harness and we had to go to several hip scans. Luckily her hips got much much better so we didn't need the harness- and I really feel it was because I wore here all the time.


You definitely do not want to use a bjorn or other crotch dangler. Something like a woven wrap or a mei tai would probably be best, with legs out, to ensure that her knees are higher than her bum in that froggie leg position. This position is what the pavlik harness would force a baby's legs into, so it is really ideal for babies with hip issues.

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