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allformyboys's Avatar allformyboys 12:04 PM 04-14-2004
I know I am probably in the minority here, but I am a total sling whore, this is my first visit to the babywearing forum, but I used to own a sling site (where I made and sold slings), and so I have a lot of 'stock' that I kept (because I LOVE them so much) and I have just about every type of sling possible, total I have over 30 slings, probably around 34 or so.... Do I use them all? well not at the same time, but yes, even my 50 lb 4 yr old (when sick) still likes to crawl in the sling. My 18 month old brings me a sling when he wants to be snuggled and so I still use them, but they all got rotating daily wear when Joe was a baby/baby. I have a new baby coming in Oct, and I am sure I will be collecting more slings before then (specially if it is a girl).

Anyone else want to fess up to being a sling whore? anyone? anyone?

Also NEW RULE when speaking of slings and brands you MUST post a link in the post, this is a common curtesy to us sling whores that may want to blow some pay pal on these great slings!

guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 12:11 PM 04-14-2004
I had about 5- all different colors to match my various moods! I also have a dozen "bags" that I use for diaper/mama bags. And YES, some of those DO match my slings!!!

I miss slinging....
PinkTerrier's Avatar PinkTerrier 05:31 PM 04-17-2004
I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one. I find them fascinating and have become a sling junkie. I haven't even significantly tried most of the ones I own yet. Lets see...I have:

- Baby Bjorn (baby shower present)
- the Snugli (we bought before baby was born)
- Maya Wrap sling (eBay)
- 2 Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouches (1 small, 1 medium)
- Kangaroo Korner lightly padded sling
- Kangaroo Korner Solarveil sling
- Moms In Mind unpadded sling (
- Wilkinet front/back pack type baby carrier (eBay)
- Ergo baby front/back type carrier (from eBay)
- wool rebozo (eBay)
- acrylic rebozo (eBay)
- cotton and rayon Mama's Dream rebozo ( or
- African Kanga (eBay)
- Baby Wrap (eBay).

That's 15 baby carriers I own.

I'm considering getting an OTSBH (Over The Shoulder Baby Holder) sling, a Korean podegi, a Moby Wrap, a Hip Hammock or Sara's Ride hip carrier, and an EllaRoo. I wonder which is better...the Hip Hammock or the Sara's Ride. Was curious about the Mei Tai, but I think my 17 lb. 9 m.o. may be too big and heavy for it to be useful for very long. I'd love to have a Zolowear silk sling but they're $150 each, which is a lot.

There's an old wood and woven basketry baby carrier from Borneo up on eBay right now, and a wooden American Indian baby papoose carrier board, but I guess I shouldn't buy carriers I'm sure I won't actually use, tempting as it is to create a baby carrier museum. Of course, I'm curious about other, more practical baby carriers as well, but I can only spend so much money at a time.

Also the gorgeous book Babies Celebrated has loads of pics of babies in different types of baby carriers throughout the world. I got a like new copy used through Amazon for only $4.95, though it retails for something like $40.
CajunMama's Avatar CajunMama 07:24 PM 04-17-2004
My DS is only 4 mos old( and 17 lbs yikes) but I have started a pretty good collection, I think

1 KKAFP in cream

1 silk Zolo in black phoenix

1 KK solarveil sling in white

2 Hotslings , one in cool blue stretch and one hula mama

1 Kozy custom on the way

1 black Baby Bjorn that kils my back

And now I am on the hunt for a sling for DH- he is jealous of all my slings and he only has a KKAFP that is way to hot to wear now. :LOL

I love slings
BetsyPage's Avatar BetsyPage 08:14 PM 04-17-2004
I wanna be one! :LOL

Only lack of $$ and indecision is holding me back!

So far here is my lame collection...

-A sling-ezee (a gift- hate it- used it once & it hurt)

-An OTSBH (this has been the one I've been using, and it was OK, but I'm not liking it anymore)

-A KK Solarveil sling (I like this one in theory- tried showering with dd in it though, and wasn't comfortable with it- felt like I was going to lose her! Too slippery)

I'm waiting on...

-A Babyspace adjustable pouch (I anticipate this "replacing" my OTSBH as my "workhorse" sling)

-A "Cuddle 'n carry"- asian style baby carrier (still choosing fabric- leaning toward light blue with white polka dots)

What I just decided I want to buy...

-A Moby wrap (I mentioned this to dh, and he's like "How many of those things do you need?" : I think I'll wait until next paycheck to bring it up again.)

Would I qualify with 5-6 carriers?

kate-astrophe's Avatar kate-astrophe 08:36 PM 04-17-2004
I have fourteen...I'm a sling slut too!

KKAFP bordeaux
Kozy Black flowers
Maya Pouch Blue
Maya Wrap black
Baby Nest sling purple flowers
Ellaroo wrap La Rae
homemade rebozo khaki
homemade tie dyed fleece wrap
KKACP blue tropical
MamaBaby natural (which I'm going to get hand dyed)
Red Cotton Zolo
Baby Bjorn, used maybe twice
Evenflo frame backpack that dh likes

kate-astrophe's Avatar kate-astrophe 08:41 PM 04-17-2004
Originally posted by CurvyBum
Was curious about the Mei Tai, but I think my 17 lb. 9 m.o. may be too big and heavy for it to be useful for very long.
absolutly not! Your baby is a great size and age to start with a mei tai. We didn't start until 16 months and 22 lbs, and I can see it being comfy for at least another five pounds, probably more.
campingmumma's Avatar campingmumma 09:52 PM 04-17-2004
OH Marnie - I wish you lived close to me :LOL

I'm definitely a sling ho

- Silk zolo
- two cotton zolos (sold them)
-PIP (2) - probably one more coming
-Kozy carrier (on order)
-Wilkinet (sold)
-Ellaroo (still trying to figure it out)
-Girasol (sold)
-water mesh sling
adtake's Avatar adtake 12:56 PM 05-29-2006
And I thought my 3 were a little on the crazy side!

So I have :
2 new native kahki and black
1 water sling bright blue

So to add to the thread...which do you love most??

I'm looking at the My Baby Nest? anybody love it??
tash11's Avatar tash11 04:54 PM 05-29-2006
Keep in mind that my baby is only 4 months, and we only had the infantino and the OTSBH before she was born.....

ring slings:
purple vine unpadded (bought it homemade)

5yd green/black striped wrap
5 yd lt green gauze homemade wrap
2.5yd lt green gauze homemade wrap
3.875yd rust guaze homemade wrap
5yd GM BBB-freya

navy solarveil (mostly for the shower, but nice on really hot days too)

red sparkly denim mt (bought it homemade)

Infantino pack carrier (havnet used it)

thats only 11. I would like more dont know when that will happen. Mostly I would like to get more MTs. I really like my wraps, but I have just discovered MTs and I like to get other people into bwing so I would like to have a few MTs for people to try because they are easier to use then wraps. I would really like a white solarveil MT. (although I am kinda afraid that would hurt my eyes in the bright sun)

are all of these carriers nessasary?
well in the past week I have used:
5yd GM BBB-freya
3.875yd rust guaze homemade wrap
navy solarveil pouch
purple vine rs
5 yd lt green gauze homemade wrap

I woulda used my MT too, but there is a hem that I want to refinish first.
lunasmommy's Avatar lunasmommy 06:07 PM 05-29-2006
only 6 here
3 ring slings (2 maya, 1 mama made)
1 mama made mei tei
1 stretch wrap
1 gauze wrap

oh, and a OSBH that we never used and have packed away.
so 7 total
Marlet's Avatar Marlet 06:09 PM 05-29-2006
I have six. And more to come. I make mine. I have had a wrap and a made-by-me mei tai but I much prefer my ring slings.
Jude-a-buddies-mom's Avatar Jude-a-buddies-mom 06:55 PM 05-29-2006
Here's my lucky seven! I still think that is alot but I seem to want more at the same time .

1 gypsy mamma bali baby stretch (Cybele)
This is my first wrap and I love it so much!!!
1 hotsling (pink/brown paisley)
3 slinglings (natural bamboo stretch sateen, black lily stretch sateen, khaki stretch twill)
1 sleeping baby production (Blue Tencel)
1 nutured cub ring sling (teal)

I love my pouches for popping the baby in and out at the store or for quick outings. I love my wrap for longer outings and because it's beautiful. I tend to wear my ring slings more around the house and my hubby likes to wear the nutured cub ring sling. I guess I kind of have a system for what I like to wear when and of course I like it to coordinate with my outfit .
DoulaLace's Avatar DoulaLace 06:56 PM 05-29-2006
I only have i ring sling and wrap. but i really want more, with next baby i can justify it.
Wugmama's Avatar Wugmama 02:20 PM 06-01-2006
I only have 4 but one of the NINO leaders in my area has 25!!!!!! In a huge mountain by her front door! She is my hero.

momeeboys's Avatar momeeboys 06:30 PM 06-01-2006
1 Babyhawk (
2 Kozys (
5 made by me MTs
1 Eesti pouch (she sells off her yahoo group)
1 HotSling
1 sleeping baby Linen/rayon RS (
1 white sleeping baby solarveil RS
4 RS made by me
1 ER podegi in black sakura
1 ER wrap (L) in aloe
1 ER rebozo in Maija
1 size 6 didymos indio in bambus

And the entire Oahu NINO carrier library filled with MTs, RSs, podegi, pouches, and wraps. All in various sizes, brands and fabrics.

1 in red brocade
1 BBB in Freya (I miss Freya!)

On it's way
1 Bara Barn rebozo in Mint (
SoCalGirl's Avatar SoCalGirl 10:51 PM 06-01-2006
Originally Posted by BetsyPage

(I mentioned this to dh, and he's like "How many of those things do you need?" : I think I'll wait until next paycheck to bring it up again.) baby isn't born yet, but I keep talking about all the slings/carriers I want, and my husband is like, "Why do you need so many?" And there are only five that I've named so far. heehee. For now I have bought a Moby Wrap and am planning to buy a Hotsling before the birth. I am pretty sure I'll follow up with a Mei Tai but will probably wait until he's born, since my DH thinks I'm going overboard. (I disagree!)
ChristinaLucia's Avatar ChristinaLucia 12:52 AM 06-02-2006
Oh boy - I love love love carriers. You can't have too many!
mimid's Avatar mimid 05:21 AM 06-02-2006
I'm a total newbie to slinging but already have 2 and 2 more on the way. I bought 2 New Natives when I was pg and just bought a water sling from Walla Baby (after taking 2 of my girls into the shower with me and realizing that as fun as it is, I couldn't actually wash anything! ) and I've got a My Baby Nest coming, too.
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 09:00 AM 06-02-2006
Right now I just have a Kozy and a hotsling. I will be wanting fleece pouch for the winter and maybe I will make a solarveil MT for this summer.
MonP'titBoudain's Avatar MonP'titBoudain 04:39 PM 06-02-2006
LOL! I only have a few and I was feeling guilty about that! dh keeps asking me if I really need/use them all and I keep reminding him that, with the exception of my Ergo (a gift) I have made or traded for every one of mine! So what's he worried about?!?!

I have:
-a homemade rebozo
-a homemade jersey wrap (small)
-a homemade ring sling
-a girasol wrap (medium)
-an Ergo
-a homemade african carrier/wrap for torso carries
-a homemade mei tai (that I got rid of cause I din't like the long, long straps)

and am making a pouch for the pool!

Now when dh asks, I can tall him I don't even hold a nadle to the real sling junkies!
Junebug's Avatar Junebug 04:46 PM 06-02-2006
I'm a dirty little sling whore myself!
lets see here...

2- kkafp
1- kkacp
1- kk solarveil pouch
1- babyhawk mai tai
1- ellaroo mai hip
1- baby bjorn that never saw much action
1- bad-ass, over-priced Kelty w/rainfly that has been used twice:

& an ergo on the way!
Rio Mama's Avatar Rio Mama 11:42 PM 06-02-2006
...just when I thought there was nothing else I needed/wanted for this new baby in a few weeks. Y'all make me want to go out & get some more slings!
DreamsInDigital's Avatar DreamsInDigital 01:19 AM 06-03-2006
I have used a Maya wrap, a Moby wrap, a New Native, a Hotsling and a Sling Set.
I use my Hotsling and Sling Set the most.
crittersmom's Avatar crittersmom 11:16 PM 06-03-2006
I seem to get the hang of a carrier and then move on to the next.
I have a well worn Baby Bjorn since at the time I did not know how to track down or have access to tracking down better versions.I insisted DH buy it and it did earn its money.
I have a gorgeous Freehand Mei Tei because I couldn't find a back carrier that wasn't huge or spendy.
I just bought a Maya Wrap in a nice girly purple.DH didn't know about it, it just appeared like some of my other purchases.
Now I'm eyeballing other carriers to match my DD's everchanging eyes....
Junebug's Avatar Junebug 11:41 PM 06-03-2006
DH didn't know about it, it just appeared like some of my other purchases.
Gosh, that happens around here too... very interesting:
DQMama's Avatar DQMama 12:18 AM 06-04-2006
Wow, I am jealous of all the slings! I have a Hotsling that I love love love (turquoise and brown ocean hisbiscus reversible) and a padded ring sling that someone gave me (don't know the brand--may be homemade). Also a Bjorn. I want to get a Hotsling pool sling though.
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 09:51 PM 06-04-2006
I have tried everything under the sun when it comes to baby carriers in the last 15 mos.

I have bought, sold and traded a lot - I am very happy with my stash now.

I have:

Didymos Katja size 7
Didymos Laura size 6
Didymos Wildrose size 6
Girasol Aqua size 7

Girasol ring sling #25
Girasol ring sling Solid Red

Sachi Meitai (Mocha Sakura reversed to Paisley with brown straps)
Baby Hawk Meitai (Hula Girls reversed to Blossoms with khaki straps)

Hotsling Water Pouch
kalisis's Avatar kalisis 09:55 PM 06-04-2006
Ha! Way too many to count...I'm a serious addict.

I've probably bought, sold and traded at least once everything out there.

My absolute favorites tho are:

MayaWrap RS
LBEBaraBarn RS
Oopa Silk RS


Storchenwiege wraps - I've had nearly every color and I love them all.

FreeHand Onbu
Happy Slings MT - I love the contoured body.
momma_andi's Avatar momma_andi 10:07 PM 06-04-2006
my girl is 3 and a half months old and we have gone through a variety of slings/carriers. i've made 4 pouch slings, kept one, gave my brother and his wife the other 3 for their newborn. i've made myself 2 mei tais, working on a third, sold the first. and i just made my first ring sling yesterday. my girl prefers to face out, so i want to make a wrap next. right now she loves the ring sling. also was given some infantino carrier, never used it.
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