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True Blue's Avatar True Blue 10:47 AM 04-16-2004
I bought one several months ago for my SIL and kind of liked it....now that I'm expecting number 2, they've discontinued it! Not many left to choose from.

So do you prefer wraps with rails or without, for both newborns and toddlers?

AllyRae's Avatar AllyRae 11:01 AM 04-16-2004
LOL...I have two of them...but switched to my maya wrap. If you want one, pm me....I can sell you my dark blue one....
kris1225's Avatar kris1225 11:28 AM 04-16-2004
I just heard this the other day and am kindof sad! A friend of mine has one and loves hers so much. I thought their shoulder design was great.

Does anyone know why it's been discontinued? Are there any slings out there with the same shoulder that I can recommend?
True Blue's Avatar True Blue 01:03 PM 04-16-2004
Their website said something about insurance rates for making baby carriers and that it just wasn't their most profitable product.