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mamaMAMAma's Avatar mamaMAMAma 03:49 PM 04-17-2004
Just curious what kind of diaper bags everyone use with their slings. Its been a while since I slinged dd#1, she hit 20lbs at 5 months and I backpacked her. The backpack carrier has an attached "backpack diaper bag", so thats what we used. Now I'm slinging dd#2 in a wraparound carrier, I'm not sure what kind of diaper bag would compliment my new look! Any thoughts?

CajunMama's Avatar CajunMama 07:10 PM 04-17-2004
I usually wear my Sally Spicer black dragonfly diaperbag with everything. If I am just running into a store, I somtimes stuff a diaper and my wallet in the pouch or sling.
mcmrymoon's Avatar mcmrymoon 11:59 PM 04-17-2004
i just got my www.momabouttown.com bag and i love it! it is made so beautifully! i was just to post a rave about it on the diapering board!
RomansMamma's Avatar RomansMamma 01:21 AM 04-29-2004
Hey, sweetie. I'm gonna' pm you a question in a min. Personally I used either a long hanging bag like the mom about town one or my fave a backpack. I felt more balanced with the backpack.
wemoon's Avatar wemoon 01:43 AM 04-29-2004
I got a purse from www.kearnscreations.com and I love it! She makes purse and diaper sized bags and will custom make bags however you like
milk4two's Avatar milk4two 04:06 AM 04-29-2004
I like either a messenger style bag or a backpack. Zolowear makes custom bags to match their slings. I'd really like to try one of those someday.