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Choose2Reuse's Avatar Choose2Reuse 05:17 PM 09-03-2012

Anybody love their hiking backpack?  I'll admit I mainly want it for wearing my soon-to-be-toddler as I make dinner, so she can see what I'm doing.  We have (and LOVE) an Ergo, but she can't see over my shoulder in it yet, and I don't feel safe cooking with a sling.


We're considering the Chicco one.  Anybody have that one, or want to recommend another?  Thanks!

sassyfirechick's Avatar sassyfirechick 02:34 PM 09-04-2012

I have an Infantino back carrrier that I use weekends hiking with our dogs but also when I'm cleaning house, DD loves to be part of the action.  She's just about 10mos, 22lbs, *almost* walking but mostly she gets in the way if I leave her on the floor and while she's ok in the pack n play for a bit, she prefers to 'help' me and it's a nice workout ;-)  Depending on where I situate the waistbelt, I could get her almost high enough to see over my shoulder once she's taller.  Currently she enjoys playing hairdressser from back there!

Danu78's Avatar Danu78 01:07 PM 09-05-2012

I have a Manduca (a German one) - very happy with it. Do all kinds of household chores with my daughter in it, including cooking. She's 4 mo's and 8kg at the moment, so I can wear her both back and front. Sorry I can't help with your peeking-over-the-shoulder question smile.gif

dirtgurl's Avatar dirtgurl 02:04 PM 09-05-2012

We use a Deuter Kid Comfort. Ruby can see over my shoulder while I'm cooking and hanging laundry. The best part (besides how comfortable it is to wear a 20 pound kid) is that the seat is adjustable so I'll be able to get some more wear out of it before she grows too big.

MDoc's Avatar MDoc 06:39 PM 09-05-2012
We have an osprey backpack carrier- purchased at REI. My daughter is four months old and tall for her age and she can see well in it. She likes being a part of the action and loves being in it. Another great feature is that I can sit it down on the floor too.
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