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JonesiesGirl's Avatar JonesiesGirl 07:12 AM 03-08-2013

Can anyone who's BTDT help me out with the sizing on a Maya Wrap? I don't have any babywearers near me to see one in person, and I am going to ask family in the US to bring me a Maya Wrap when they come visit, so I want to get it right on the first try! Just going by the size chart itself I should need a medium, but I'm skeptical about that. I'm barely 5'3'' and wear a UK size 6 or 8 in tops (equivalent of US 2/4 or petite extra small). Does anyone have any advice? TIA!

kitteh's Avatar kitteh 07:58 AM 03-08-2013
I'm the same size as you are, and with my first we got a Maya size medium off craigslist. The woman we bought it from was slightly taller than I, but also very thin, and she said that the medium was great because both she and her husband could use it. Her husband was built like mine, taller but lean, so we bought it.

My DH never ended up using it, or very very rarely. I used it quite frequently and did like the extra tail length for added coverage while breastfeeding, or just as a sort of blanket to cover dd's head while she slept. However, sometimes it did feel bulky and unnecessary. We ended up selling it on craigslist, but now that we are expecting again I'm looking to buy another. Im not sure if i want to go for a medium or small this time around. I'm trying to find a koala club near me so i can try on the small, since I'm leaning that way. I just want to make sure the tail us still long enough to be useful.

Good luck on your purchase!
JonesiesGirl's Avatar JonesiesGirl 02:24 AM 03-09-2013

Thanks for sharing your experience kitteh! It sounds I will be wanting the small as having extra fabric would bother me to no end. 

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