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CupOfJoe's Avatar CupOfJoe 01:41 PM 09-21-2013

We are expecting twins (our first kids) and trying to figure out what we need for successful babywearing. I've used Ergos as a nanny and love them so we are registering for two. However, when they are really small I'd like to be able to wear them both at the same time and I think, based on what I've read, that a woven wrap would be best for that.


Questions: For twin carries I need the longest size, correct? I am 5'3 and 110 pounds not pregnant, (125 pounds at 5 months)  so I'm not a huge person but I think the extra fabric is necessary for carrying two babies, yes?


Is there a preferred brand for twin carries? I love the look of Girasols but have read that they are not as supportive as other wovens and maybe with twins I need maximal support?


Where is a good place to buy wovens used?


Thanks in advance ladies!

prescottchels's Avatar prescottchels 09:14 PM 10-02-2013

There are lots of babywearing swap sites online. I've never used one so I couldn't recommend one... When I was a nanny w/twin newborns I was able to put them both in a regular ring sling in kind of yin yang position for several weeks or longer. Gads, it was soooo long ago, but it was great while it lasted. I hadn't heard about wraps yet at that point or I probably would have ventured in that direction too. You might have more responses on the babywearer forum site... Good luck mama!!

skycheattraffic's Avatar skycheattraffic 05:49 AM 10-03-2013
If you have Facebook, search for
The babywearing swap
Babywearing on a budget (everything under $100 US)
These are closed groups but the admins add you very promptly. I just scored a lovely little frog size 7 used for way below retail on the budget swap but if you're looking for higher end wraps then the main swap is the place to be. Also, babywearing 102 and babywearing love and support are groups full of experienced mamas and I bet you could find twin carry help there.
colsxjack's Avatar colsxjack 08:37 PM 10-03-2013

For ours my partner used a moby and an ergo. They were born at 8lbs and 7lbs 6oz.


Now that they are bigger (10 months) she uses an ergo on front and a beco on the back. The beco is great, as you can put baby in and then put whole thing on your back.

But they are 23 lbs each, so carrying that much baby is hard. But she still does it, as it calms crabby babies.


The majority of the time that they are carried it is one at a time. One in the ergo and one in the stroller. We used to try to be equal in who got to be carried. But now we just carry who needs it most at the time and not worry about who was carried last/most/least.


You can def. be AP with twins...but it just looks a bit different than with a single baby. ie: sometimes someone has to cry a bit.

ColoradoMama626's Avatar ColoradoMama626 06:49 PM 10-04-2013
I struggled with this, I wore my singleton all the time, everywhere, it was great. With the twins I really found wearing one and holding or pushing in the stroller the way to go. I bought this crazy weego thing from Europe - I don't recommend it! I think ergo goes well with lots of other wraps. Moby no longer states it is safe for twins, a lot of wraps use to say twin friendly but I couldn't find any that recommend it now- not to say you can't but it can be a bit tricky. Hope I'm not being Debbie Downer.
sillysapling's Avatar sillysapling 09:24 PM 10-04-2013

Wrap your baby has a page on wrapping twins that you might want to check out:


Good luck!



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