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AUvetmom's Avatar AUvetmom 10:22 AM 10-31-2013
I'm hoping to get some advice from experienced girasol wrap users. I just started using this type of wrap and I love it. However, I have one of the longer sizes and I'm not that tall. How can I get it on without dragging the edges on the ground? I haven't used it in public because I didn't want to wipe the thing all over the parking lot. Anyone figure this one out already?


rainbowasylum's Avatar rainbowasylum 01:08 PM 11-01-2013

I would use a pretied cross carry, or- more often- tie when I got into a store or something similar.  If you have a minivan, you can sometimes wrap on your knees in that. 

The good news though is that a gira is an easy to wash wrap, and it's ok for them to touch the ground.  Avoid oil slicks, but in the same way you might have to drive a stroller through a puddle occasionally, a wrap can be used in less than pristine conditions as well. 

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