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Delight's Avatar Delight 09:27 PM 04-28-2004
I am getting more and more confused by the minute! If I just had UNLIMITED FUNDS...oh, what fun I could have But I don't, so I need some help from you! I am looking for a great carrier to take us through the summer. We have a KKAFP right now, and a Zolo cotton sling that I can't get to work right for the life of me (but that's literally another thread!). I am looking at the following:

Maya pouch

I know that Hug-a-Bub is nothing like the other 2, but I'm just wondering if maybe I would like that one. I'm also on the waiting list for a Kozy, but I doubt if I will receive it before summer is over.

Which of those 3 would be your choice (just pick as if the cost doesn't matter...) and WHY?


Edited to add: My babe is 3 weeks old...if that makes a difference?

*solsticemama*'s Avatar *solsticemama* 02:17 AM 04-29-2004
Well I don't have any experience with the slings you mentionned but I just wanted to say blessings on your little one. I looked at your website and it's lovely. Seeing your obvious joy brought back alot of memories for me of the early days with my ds. The pic of her tiny hands and mouth is so precious.

Ok back to slinging. What is happening with the zolo? Could you describe a bit more what isn't working for you? Everyone seems to be raving about the hotslings and for $20 you can't go wrong. You already know how to use a pouch so that may be the way to go. I'd buy a maya ring sling over a maya pouch tho. I don't have the pouch but I've heard that the zippers can be a bit bothersome. The ring sling is wonderful for nursing in and I still carry my 30 lb 16 mo in it. HTH
mom2noah's Avatar mom2noah 03:33 AM 04-29-2004
First of all I agree with Solsticemama with telling us about your Zolo. It's a wonderful sling and I'm sure with help we can get it going for ya

Second, for a summer sling I would get a pouch. I would get an adjustable one like the Maya, or a nonadjustable one like a Hotsling or Tentoes pouch. (Tentoes has beautiful colors). They will be the most cool and the easiest for you to pop your baby in and out, especially since you are used to wearing a KKAFP. The hug a bub is great but it's a lot of fabric and may get hot in the summer, kwim?
mcmrymoon's Avatar mcmrymoon 11:58 AM 04-29-2004
solarveil!!!!!!!! you can use it in the pool (and shower at home too), dries quickly and provides uv protection. you can get a solarveil sling (i got mine from or a pouch (i got this one from its the h2o tote (or something like that)

i also have a hotsling that i love because its a cool hawaiian print on one side and floral on the other. very summery.

as for the others you mentioned - i love my hug-a-bub. since you have a 3 week old you will end up using it alot - however, you can really only use it one or two ways. it is very secure and easy to use. it is expensive though and you can get the moby for cheaper which is very similar to it.

maya pouch - i like kkacp better. its stretchier. if you like hippie fabrics though - go maya.

good luck!
HoneymoonBaby's Avatar HoneymoonBaby 06:10 PM 04-29-2004
Oh, my goodness. You and your family are so beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that. Someone is a very good photographer -- those photos on your site took my breath away.
Delight's Avatar Delight 12:26 PM 04-30-2004
Thanks Kirsten! That's so sweet I'm kind of a photogeek! It's even more fun now that we have Bella. Babies are the best subjects. I studied photography in college and I was a photographer in the Air National Guard for 6 years. I just do it for fun, so it means a lot that you like them! You made my day.
melaniewb's Avatar melaniewb 02:05 PM 04-30-2004
I really my hotsling in the summertime. It is so lightweight and easy to use. Just don't make the mistake of getting any sling/carrier in black for summer use!
erinl1972's Avatar erinl1972 11:28 PM 04-30-2004
I have to second on the Solarveil. I just pulled mine out for the first time and it's awesome! There's something stretchy about the fabric although I didn't know that beforehand. It's super comfortable and very easily adjustable. I didn't think I would love it this much. I just wanted something cool for the summer. I HIGHLY recommend it. Got mine at KK.