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Is this woven wrap safe?

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If you have experience with woven wraps, please help a mama out!

I've been wanting a woven wrap SO badly but I couldn't afford to spend much on one at the moment. My friend saw some on zulily a few weeks ago for $25 (normally $50) so we decided to each buy one. I just got it in the mail today and it's super pretty! Problem is I don't know if it's safe. It looks pretty legit, with an instructional/safety booklet and a tag, says it's fairly traded from India, etc. It's called a "hip baby wrap."

Does anyone know if this weave is safe? It looks a bit suspicious to me but I know next to nothing about woven wraps. Thanks!
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Here's a close-up picture:

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It's safe for a front and hip carry. I wouldn't use it on your back or with an older child due to it's thin nature. I also don't think it's very wide from what I've heard. The weave may tighten with washing, but just be careful about snagging it.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I was mainly wanting it for the hip carry. My son hates being on my back. (At least in the Ergo. He'd probably like it in another carrier.)
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It's likely to shrink on washing, but is very pretty. I can't say (because of not knowing the brand) whether it's safe, but you could test it out first by carrying a bag of potatoes roughly the same weight as your baby. :)

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