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CaliMommie's Avatar CaliMommie 03:08 PM 07-19-2004
Hi mamas! Where can I find an On Mama's Back Podegi Korean Baby Carrier? Thanks a bunch!


sb1177's Avatar sb1177 04:21 PM 07-19-2004
I believe www.peppermint.com and www.cottoncradles.com sell them. Lisa, from cottoncradles is wonderful. I haven't ordered from peppermint before.
reepicheep's Avatar reepicheep 01:01 AM 07-21-2004
Have you checked out lovewrap.com? She makes podaegis with lightly padded straps instead of unpadded. I can wear mine for hours! It is my favorite carrier, and I think the padded straps make a more comfortable "seat" for baby, too. Fast shipping, too.
sb1177's Avatar sb1177 05:19 AM 07-21-2004
I have a lovewrap also. Its great.. although I am not using mine much right now since I got the Moby.
jessicaSAR's Avatar jessicaSAR 02:32 PM 07-21-2004
It's totally bugging me that no one has bought this

sb1177's Avatar sb1177 04:07 PM 07-21-2004
That really is a good price for the lovewrap!