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Frazzled Mama's Avatar Frazzled Mama 09:52 PM 08-04-2004
Ok..maybe I'm the only one but I love the attention that I get when slinging my baby in public. I like to prop up my little 9 weeks old head so he can peek out of the pouch. He looks so adorable.

In my area its not common to see children in slings. People stop and stare at me and I get so many asking questions about the sling. Some of the questions I get asked is are:

1) is it comfortable to wear? I say "Its like having a pocketbook that poops"

2) Does he like being in the sling? I say "He's been in this position for 9 months, the only difference is that now he's on the outside"

So fess up. Do you feel like you get to show off your little one while babywearing? I know that I barely glance at a baby in an infant carrier but instead are drawn to those in a sling. Maybe I have sling envy a bit too I can see how they can be addictive like CD's.

Mama25's Avatar Mama25 10:46 PM 08-04-2004
I will fess up! I also like the looks and questions I get so I can spread the goodness of babywearing. People always say he looks so cute in there!

Love you sig line ---I need some help too!!
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 12:28 AM 08-05-2004
Oh yes, I love the attention DD gets while in the sling. I'd say 85% of it is positive with only a few people having something negative to say.
CajunMama's Avatar CajunMama 08:28 AM 08-05-2004
Me me me!!! I felt so unloved the other day. I went to the store without DS ( who is always in a sling) and not one person came up to talk to me :LOL I felt invisible and I hated it :LOL
StarMama's Avatar StarMama 10:29 AM 08-05-2004
Originally Posted by CajunMama
Me me me!!! I felt so unloved the other day. I went to the store without DS ( who is always in a sling) and not one person came up to talk to me :LOL I felt invisible and I hated it :LOL
LOL! That's how I feel whenever I go somewhere without Orion! (Not very often

I love the attention I get with ds in a sling. I just got my kozy carrier, and I sling him on my back in that and get so many looks and comments!
Frazzled Mama's Avatar Frazzled Mama 11:42 AM 08-05-2004
When my little one gets older, I'll have to try the back carry too. I have a feeling I'd get so much more done!
tink79's Avatar tink79 01:17 PM 08-05-2004
Yes yes!! I do!

I love it! My mom is always amazed at the amount of people coming up and asking questions about it... They always ask me where I got my sling and I'm always proud to say that I make them...

Note to self: Make cards to hand out asap
Max's Mami's Avatar Max's Mami 03:28 PM 08-05-2004
I definitly notice more looks when Maxi is in a sling. I usually put him in the shopping cart seat if we are in the store for a long time since he is HEAVY and people dont pay much attention.

I got a lot of looks and comments in Vegas with our Hotsling. I am hoping our PIP is in the mail box today so I can take it to Vegas with us this weekend.
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 03:42 PM 08-05-2004
Well, with my first, I was at a coffeeshop with a friend( a non-crunchy friend) and I was getting alot of attention for my dd in the sling who was about 3 months old at the time- and she says "I know why you wear that thing, it's so you can show off!"
Well, I just kind of smirked/half laughed politely.
Her baby was all covered up in a stroller-with a blanket drapped over. He is about a month younger.
I would much rather show off than cover up like I'm embarrassed!I
I thought everyone like to show off their babes, is it only me?haha
Leilalu's Avatar Leilalu 03:46 PM 08-05-2004
Oh, and SO MANY people come up to me and say that at first they thought I was pregnant!Like, if I amwearing black, and my sling they look the same I guess?I have a black New Native Carrier.Still though- thats a little strange,no?

ggma's Avatar ggma 01:09 AM 08-08-2004
Ooh Yes! "He looks so comfortable!" I think that is the most common response I hear from folks. I love wearing him in a sling - feel so much more in tune with him - less worried about where he is - more protective and comfortable myself. I can't imagine it any other way at this point. Had the hardest time actually putting him in a cart at the grocery store the other day (sling was in the dryer OMG and at 20 lbs he is really getting heavy). He still gets alot of attention though... big eyes and smile are hard to resist.
Delight's Avatar Delight 01:24 AM 08-08-2004
Oh yes It's so fun to get sling attention. I have been roaming around a big new mall the last couple of days because my family is opening a store there. It's crazy how many people have stopped me...probably at least 5 a day. I've been meaning to make up cards with all the websites on them...because I have to sit there and recite all of them while they write them down!

Today was the GREATEST though. I was sitting in the family lounge, and I was nursing. There was another mama nursing there too. After she was done, she got out her ABC carrier and I was like "ooooh! where did you get it?!" and we started talking about carriers. Turns out she has a Hotsling, a Zolo...and probably more. I told her it was the first time IRL that I had ever met anyone who had heard of those slings!

I'm hoping that she is on MDC...her name was Jennifer and her daughter was Lily. Does that ring a bell with anyone?

Anyway...yes, back to the question. It's so fun to have positive comments about babywearing. I love to increase awareness...there is so much more out there than the baby bjorn and snugli!
prmom's Avatar prmom 03:30 AM 08-08-2004
I love this... I thought I was the only one! Ha ha ha. I get so much attention and what I love is I feel like a walking advocate for ap. I want to show people how fun it is to be attached to your babe. I love my sling and I always get the kindest comments. Although, sometimes I forget it's unusual and forget I am wearing something "strange" and can't figure out why people are staring at me and then it hits me like "duh, of course they are staring at my beautiful babe in the sling". I always tell people that it is a must have, and hope that more people are getting inspired to wear a sling. I look very mainstream and I feel some of my mainstream friends are becoming interested in slinging b/c it just looks more convenient and natural than carrying a bucket baby.
Mariposa's Avatar Mariposa 05:25 AM 08-08-2004
I will fess up, too! I love the attention Abby gets. I don't think I have ever had a bad comment. Most say things like "best seat in the house", "she looks so comfy" or "what a lucky girl". I always hope someone will see it and go looking online or ask me.

My grocery store clerks totally know me because of Abby and our slings. If I wear something different than I have been for awhile, someone usually says something. It is cool. Even at the bank. I love it and Abby does, too.

I remember going to the mall with a friend and her baby in a stroller. I felt guilty because no one noticed her baby, but people were all noticing Abby. It is because they can be seen when they are in a sling.

I always feel sorry for people I see in the mall carrying a toddler while pushing the empty stroller. If they had a sling, they could ditch the stroller. I sold mine when she was still a babe. Only used it 2 times and I hated it.
CryPixie83's Avatar CryPixie83 05:37 AM 08-08-2004
Originally Posted by mama2abby
I always feel sorry for people I see in the mall carrying a toddler while pushing the empty stroller. If they had a sling, they could ditch the stroller. I sold mine when she was still a babe. Only used it 2 times and I hated it.
Strollers are BORING! :LOL However they have their uses... like today we really could have used it at the farmer's market (Kairi was in arms of course). They're good "stuff" holders, but neither DF nor I like actually putting the baby in it, too impersonal and far away I think. Sooo... ya put the baby in the sling and the stuff in the stroller
ggma's Avatar ggma 01:48 PM 08-09-2004
I like the stuff in the stroller... stuffmobile. It should have some kind of use since ds is lucky to make it 10 minutes in one! LOL. He likes being up on the same level as what is going on. Makes sense to me.
danaalex's Avatar danaalex 02:14 PM 08-09-2004
i like my little babes in slings so that they aren't bothered and touched by complete strangers. i have had so many women ask to touch or hold my babes when they are oh so little if they are not in the sling. i think the sling protects them. they are all comfy cozy, bundled up. most of the time you don't even know they are in there. i do get the occassional question or comment about being scrunched, or too hot, and not being able to breathe, but i answer honestly and most people back off and give us respect.

i do have a double stroller now, and i am glad because it often makes outtings a little easier, but my girls are now 15.5 mo and 3 yo. so, it helps me not have to chase them all over the mall or street or grocery or wherever we might be. bella still loves to ride in the kozy so, often i do just hold xandra's hand. but, especially on a day where she is not really listening to me, the stroller is nice to have LOL. the comments i get then are, oh are they twins? and usually, omg your girls are so beautiful, look at those gorgeous blue eyes. i don't get those kinds of comments with a sling or a kozy. LOL.
Slackermom's Avatar Slackermom 06:14 PM 08-18-2004
I love the attention we get! When DD was a newborn we took her to church in her sling, and people made such a fuss over her. Now, she's 9 months, and when we're out in the sling people invariably stop and comment on "what a neat carrier" and many ask where they can get one. DD, of course, loves being in it so she is a wonderful spokesperson for slinging!
Ackray's Avatar Ackray 06:57 PM 08-18-2004
I think it's fun too! I had DD in the Kozy last week when we went to Chuck E Cheese and everyone was staring at us.:LOL
kris1225's Avatar kris1225 11:30 AM 08-19-2004
I feel like people stare at me all the time too. I think we are a total sight here in Dallas! I think it's because we stand out in many ways (two cute kids, husband with full beard and long hair) but the sling is the kicker. I am not sure I like it all that much :LOL ! I have always been one that likes to just blend in, and we are not blending in at all these days. Also, my slings (all fabulous by many different makers) are all so gorgeous that they are a hilarious contrast with my post-partum-only-things-that-fit college t-shirts and drawstring pants.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 10:53 PM 08-19-2004
I have only ever seen ONE other momma in my town that slings. I went to my kids' open houses tonight (elementary and jr high) and I got alot of looks, smiles and a few "Oh, that's so neat! That's what so-and-so needs."
kblue's Avatar kblue 12:30 AM 08-20-2004
I like some of the attention, but other times I feel like people are looking at me like I have 2 heads! :LOL

We were at the Mall of America the other day (and I swear I did not see one other babywearing mama there) and I got some of the weirdest looks!!! Ella LOVES being in the pouch and some people looked at me like they felt sorry for me having to carry her!
art4babies's Avatar art4babies 02:34 AM 08-20-2004
okay - I 'fess. The best was when I was in Sedona at the health food store - about 15 people came up to us - they were all SOOOO nice there!
CryPixie83's Avatar CryPixie83 02:53 AM 08-20-2004
We've been getting lots of attention since we got our sling. Definately more so than with the stroller or bucket (i hate keeping her in the bucket). A man at the mall pet store said it had probably been three years since he'd seen a sling used around here! A pregnant woman today asked if I made my sling so I gave her the mayawrap url, she seemed really interested! Yay!
mcsarahb's Avatar mcsarahb 03:43 AM 08-20-2004
I live in super-crunchy Portland, and see quite a lot of slingin' mamas...more looks come when it's DH with the sling. He is just so cool wearing our red-and-pink patterned Hotsling with our little red-headed girl pokin' her head out. And he's already highly visible with his mohawk and a huge tatt on his leg! He slings her all the time when we go out and people always come up and just gush.

BlueBelle's Avatar BlueBelle 05:59 AM 08-20-2004
You would think that Colorado would be a bit more crunchy, but it's not! I LOVE the attention Peyt gets in our Maya Wrap...she just snuggles in there, leans her back against me and grins and flirts with the world. Everyone always says how comfy she looks and how happy she seems. Of course, she's just now getting grabby, so I kind of have to be careful of how close I get to any displays...:LOL

We were in Indiana a few weeks ago, and she fell asleep in the middle of a mall in her was so adorable! I love that she's comfy enough to do that...any time we've used a stroller, she just fusses until we put her in the sling anyway. :LOL