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AnnR33's Avatar AnnR33 12:43 AM 01-03-2005
Just wanted to remind mamas to leave reviews of the carriers they use here and at
Most of us only have reviews to depend on when buying a carrier and if we can't find any or many then we may not buy and the wahm loses out and we may lose out on a quality carrier.
And when you don't like a carrier please let us know why-the carrier may be great quality but it just doesn't work for you for whatever reasons and others can beneft greatly from that!
And just because everyone else seems to love a certain carrier but you don't-your feedback is still valuable! Trust me, others out there are probably having some issues too but don't want to speak up since "everyone else seems to like it" But maybe your body size is different or your baby's size is different so your review may encourage or discourage someone to buy a carrier but at least they are making an informed purchase-KWIM?
Just a friendly reminder
Thanks and happy baby carrier buying :LOL

PS I hate to hear when someone doesn't like a carrier and lots of others suddenly speak up and say they had the same problems...but no one left reviews!