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Babywearing > Ack! Its.... tooo.... hot.....!! HELP!! *lol* What carrier is coolest?
zoelovesmom's Avatar zoelovesmom 12:46 PM 06-30-2005
Originally Posted by inezyv
My favorite hot weather sling was a tester from I think it was made of some sort of synthetic that wicks sweat away or something. It is not scratchy at all, it is smooth, but I do not think it is solarveil. It is cool and light and has lightweight rings.

I have no idea if Zolowear makes them as a regular product, but it is still my favorite sling (I live in Texas and know about carrying a hot sweaty baby in the sweltering heat). I do know that zolowear has a mesh solarveil sling, but mine is not exactly mesh, it is smooth.
That is my favorite sling, too, Inez! I am still trying to get more of that fabric. We didn't go into production on those because I have to order a HUGE amount. Huge. Maybe for next summer.

I still like solarveil, though, because I wear it in the water. The super cool tester fabric doesn't feel great when wet. I don't see the tester fabric as a total replacement for solarveil. It's just gooood.

AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 12:52 PM 06-30-2005
I have a mesh water sling that I from

We are marching in parades for the dance academy and I wear Angelo in it. He stays cooler than if I hold him in my arms. Mine is problems with it soaking up the suns heat.

Plus it works awesome in the shower!!! Great price as well!!!
amberthesugarcat's Avatar amberthesugarcat 12:27 AM 07-06-2005
I am also in Houston and enjoying our heat indexes of 110 or greater. Today it was almost 100 in the shade at my house.

I use the ERGO and it works great. I have a cotton sateen Hotsling which makes me sooo hot. I think my ds is just too close when I hip carry him and he gets so sweaty. But he goes topless in the ERGO when we go walking (around 6 in the evening or 7:30 in the morning and boy is it hot and steamy) but it is actually pretty comfortable. He gets air from the side so he stays cool. I get a bit sweaty where his tummy is on me (front carry) but other than that it is not too hot at all.
santina's Avatar santina 05:29 AM 07-06-2005
Originally Posted by polihaupt
Strip your baby down to his diaper and go topless yourself!
It is VERY hot here in PA (around 85 + humidity) and today I wore DS in my Indio Didy without a shirt on and I actually felt comfortable!! And the best part it - nobody could tell I had nothing on.

That is a great idea, I'm going to try it.
sagepixie's Avatar sagepixie 04:41 PM 07-06-2005
I think Darien of Zolowear is based out of Texas there & I think she address's the heat issue as well
morgainesmama's Avatar morgainesmama 02:03 PM 07-07-2005
I'm very, very intrigued by the blanketless mei tai. Lissi seems to have an impeccable attention to detail, and though I have not tried it, I tend to be a purist on the spine issue and think this would adequately support the spine of all but the smallest babies. I think it would hold the baby's pelvis in an optimum position as well. Frankly, I think the design is genius.

Hotslings pool pouches are 2 layers to add extra support and additional sun protection, though much of your baby will be on the outside of the pouch at any moment.

And yk, I went to El Paso in August a few years ago and wore a black Maya wrap and did ok in it, though I hate heat and can't stand to be hot. I even wore it at the White Sands desert, and I was misrable in my first trimester of the third pregnancy. I think a light colored ring-sling out of lightweight fabric would be another fabulous option.

When Isaac was tiny, I spent the summer in a 3 yard gauze wrap in the strap carry - I found wearing him in the strap carry to be even cooler than carrying him in arms. He was three months old when I started carrying him that way.

Patrice#1's Avatar Patrice#1 06:27 PM 07-07-2005
I have not read all the other replies, but carriers made from Solarveil are super cool! Literally, lol. It makes an air conditioning effect and keeps you both really cool. It also provides loads of sun protection! Dries really fast if you use it in the water. Just some really terrific fabric!
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