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We didn't even have a stroller for the first year. Then she got so heavy that I did buy a nice lightweight stroller. We rarely used the swing. I didn't like how she always fell alseep in it. We did put her in the bouncy seat quite a bit. DD loved the sling but didn't like to be held in my arms so the bouncy seat was atleast a change of scenery for her.
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Everyone is definately going to have a different opinion here, because all kids are goes mine....

Swing - DD loved it, it was a lifesaver for us the first couple months as she was extremely colicy and it was the only thing that stopped her crying at times. We haven't used it once with DS - go figure. My opinion is to find a friends to borrow or get one at a consignment shop.

Stroller - I agree that the travel systems are big and bulky. I got a "frame" stroller for the infant car seat - Neither DD or DS liked to be in it much - I usually put them in the sling as soon as we got to our destination, but it was handy to put things in the basket, and to have if I had to put the baby down for a moment (put on my jacket, try on clothes, whatever). When DD got bigger, I got something like this (couldn't find the one I actually got, but this is close). It is sooo nice not to have a huge stroller in the car taking up lots of room. Good luck!
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One thing I have to say is that at the mall and many other places, they have strollers that you can use, so that you can carry loads of stuff and try on clothes. No need to bring yours from the car!
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I had all three with ds#1, a swing, bouncy seat and travel system. I never used the swing, except once to take a picture, used the bouncy seat once as well and the travel system maybe 3 times.With ds#2 I only had a sling. I swear by my sling and can't go anywhere without it!! My opinion is, save the money and get a couple of slings, one for at home and one to keep in the car so you'll always have one on hand....

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You'll definietely want a sling. But I also recommend a stroller--if nothing else, you may use it when you're shopping to haul packages, or at places like the zoo to hold a diaper bag or backpack.

My dd almost never used her swing. I think this is an individual baby preference. The baby bouncy seat was used occassionally, and I did use an exersaucer when I took showers (when she was older). That's about it!

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I think that the vibrating bouncy seat was a big hit in the beginning because when dd had gas the vibrating really did help her to get it out. Also, I got to shower every day because I could put that seat right next to the shower and she would play quite happily for at least 10 minutes

The swing, we could have done without. As she got a little older, and even still (at 9 months) we will put her in it for maybe 5-10 minutes while fixing dinner and/or doing something we can't wear her during.

The travel system stroller...only used it a handful of times as a travel system. We used the carseat a lot, and now we occasionally use the stroller while shopping...but if I was gonna do it again, I would have just gotten a carseat, and a smaller stroller.

The thing I couldn't have lived without, and still use daily now: Moby Wrap. I can't say enough good things about it. I am sure that any kind of wrap would be great, but it was such a life saver for me as dd liked to be upright and CLOSE. She still does. As she has gotten older we have also used her sling a lot, it is great for quick trips and around the house.

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I had a swing with my 2 oldest kiddos and they loved it but it was so BIG *I* hated it. My youngest was my AP baby and I used a sling mostly but a wing was still a HUGE help as well. (mommy has to shower and pee sometime!) We went with the Fisher Price travel swing instead, its the size of a bouncy seat but swings. Super comfy, vibrates, small and portable. I've already given my sister thats expecting a Silk Zolo but I think we'll be splurging on a travel swing for her as well before the baby comes.

As far as strollers, I did have a double stroller but that was for my two older kiddos. (2 and 4 when my youngest was born.) They would sit in the stroller and I wore my DD. I really didnt find much use for it when the other two werent in it. It was just a PITA to haul around for such a tiny babe. We did use our umbrella stroller though once she got bigger. I kept it as a back up if it was goign to be an all day event. %90 of the time I wore her but the other %10 she was int eh umbrella stroller.

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I rarely used a stroller in the beginning. I think it is most useful 6 months on if you like to jog, take long power walks. I liked having a jogger and a good umbrella (I live in the city).

As for a swing - seriously, it depends on the baby. Mine never really cared for his but I kept it to see if the next one likes it. I never had a bouncy seat so I don't know about that but I guess they are pretty interchangeable.

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My daughter hates her bouncy seat but loves her swing (she's almost 5 mos). For a while she would get to feeling over stimulated being held and the swing would calm her down and put her to sleep for a short nap. As for a stroller, we hardly ever use ours. One time we went for a walk with the dog and I ended up carrying her back home while the dog pulled the stroller. It's a light stroller and I just hooked his leash to it. He didn't mind a bit and the neighbors got a good laugh. I have to say for shopping trips the stroller is nice. You can't try on clothing while wearing a baby! Plus, even if you wear the baby for much of your shopping you need someplace to put your bags. I agree with the other moms who got one just a bit nicer than an umbrella stroller. Ours reclines too. Again tho -every baby is different so as someone else said - save the receipts or if you register just know what items came from where. Good luck!! Being a mom is so fun!
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