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MotheringHeart's Avatar MotheringHeart 10:01 AM 07-25-2006
You know, I'm a mom of three and I find my backpacker (like a kelty carrier) to be REALLY much more useful than my stroller. I can put my 14 mth old in the backpack and then have two hands for the 4 and 3 yo. Just another option that's out there.....

kalisis's Avatar kalisis 10:08 AM 07-25-2006
I thought my answer to this question would always be a resounding NO! But then, DS started walking, and running, and darting into traffic and disappearing around get the picture. AND, I also got pregnant again. Also, DS now weighs nearly 35 lbs.

It's too much for me most days to sling him around now. He's too wiggly, 'cause he wants to walk or too heavy, just because he's a chunky kid. He actually likes the stroller now and if given the choice, will 9 times out of 10 pick to sit in the stroller. He also can do other stuff, like read a book or play with some cars while he's in there, so it's not such a bad deal.

I never even owned a stroller until a couple of months ago, but I did go and buy one that I LOVE and we're a very happy pair now.

I never use it for strapping him in just to contain him around the house and if we stop very long while out and about, he wants to get out and run around. I do know women in my LLL group who use the stroller as a containment device all the time, but for me, the purpose is to haul my 35 lb son around while I'm doing errands so I don't kill my back or pull my uterus (which I can feel the sling doing sometimes). In fact, I've never even brought my stroller into my house or anyone else's house for that matter. Ha.

Like anything, used in moderation and with compassion and understanding, strollers are not an inherently bad thing. They can be quite useful at times.
Valian's Avatar Valian 12:38 PM 07-25-2006
Well, we only have one Ds but he hates being worn in slings. Liked it as a newborn, but now he won't tolerate them unless he's dead asleep and then I just use the sling to help me support his body weight. He likes his stroller better and since he's quite the chunker and only wants to be in arms, I need the stroller to give my arms/back a break. The other nice thing about the stoller is that he likes the near constant eye contact and conversation we can have (which you can do in a sling in DC likes it).

I have also really liked having a stoller for air travel. But again, that's because Ds isn't a sling lover.
pjlioness's Avatar pjlioness 12:45 PM 07-25-2006
Neither of my ds's was ever in a stroller before he could walk. Ds1 was born when we lived near NYC, and when I got pregnant I decided to get a sling, because I didn't want to have to schlep a stroller up and down the stairs in the subway the way I saw so many people doing. PITA! With the sling I could put ds in it, grab the diaper bag, grab my purse, and walk wherever I wanted to without being tied down by a stroller. Freedom! I still use my sling(s) at times - yes, ds1 is quite small for his age.

I do like the stroller for the zoo, but lately the kiddos have been fighting over it, so now I'm taking the wagon. If all I had to carry was the diaper bag and my purse, I'd forgo either so the kids have to get some exercise, but we usually bring our own (natural/organic) lunch, plus we sometimes stop at a gift shop, so I end up with four things to carry.

When I was pregnant with ds2, we got a Maclaren Volo to use for ds1 if he got tired while walking. We have always used it sparingly so he isn't always slumped in it wherever we go. We did use it a lot not long after ds2 was born - ds1 broke his leg and was in a 1/2 body cast - fortunataly seated. Other than that, we've used it at malls occasionally when we're going to a bunch of stores. We usually avoid indoor malls though - overload for the kiddos (and me, to be honest - I dislike the rampant consumerism).

So, no, you don't really need a stroller. I believe the majority of the population overuses them for convenience.
the_lissa's Avatar the_lissa 12:55 PM 07-25-2006
Definitely not. We had one. It gathers dust in the basement.
hhurd's Avatar hhurd 02:15 PM 07-25-2006
I'd keep it around. Your babe is only 7 months old. He's going to get a lot bigger and wigglier as the months pass.

We use ours a lot for those trips when my ds has no problem walking when we leave, but then gets very tired and just doesn't want to walk by himself on the way back home. Which happens all the time.

But maybe you drive more than we do (almost never). And, my ds is a moose and always has been (40 pounds at age 3).
crescentaluna's Avatar crescentaluna 03:08 PM 07-25-2006
When DD was 12 months, I got a jog stroller (used from craigslist) because I really NEEDED to go faster and get some exercise! My back was hurting from slinging DD 6 plus hours a day and you know, you just can't run with a baby in a sling. I had thought I'd never ever use a stroller, but we do find it useful in this neighborhood where we walk everywhere. If we drive or bus anywhere, it's back to the sling, but for us that's only 2-3 times a month. (That's Portland for you.)

So I think it depends on: weight of the baby
strength of your back
your neighborhood & transportation
amount of stuff you need to carry
kyndmamaof4's Avatar kyndmamaof4 05:18 PM 07-25-2006
I Have ds-7, ds-4, ds-22mos, and dd-5.5mos. I am a user of a stroller, Kelty carrier, and a sling, depending on the situation. Depending on the ages of your baby/ies. My ds#2 was, and still a maniac, (hugs for #2), He just likes to be free, ykwim. but anyway, ds#3 *loves* his stroller, and dd will only be attached,: so I like them all, but oh boy, is it a hassle with the stroller, but some times, if ya have enough kids, ya kinda need one. Hope that this helps, And like one of the other posts, you could always sell/trade it if you don't use it. One more thing, if little one gets bigger, or too heavy for the sling, the kelty carrier is my favorite, I think that it supports kid and mama equally well. Very comfortable.
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 05:19 PM 07-25-2006
It's nice to have a jogging stroller for when I'm rollerblading, otherwise I find a stroller to be a pain. I don't even have a regular stroller.
Isaacs_mom's Avatar Isaacs_mom 05:46 PM 07-25-2006
I too think that some times a stroller is a waist , I really wish we would have looked at more options before we bought. I am now trying to sell mine on CL ,it is a travel system. We got a more compact one for way cheaper than the ts, I think though that the lighter weight strollers are good for as the baby gets heavy and when you are preggers again. I am trying to decide if we should get a double when we have #2(of course that is after we concieve him or her ) so anyhow I think it is up to you and again I am first time mom so that is my experience , this was great to read everyones advice and experience
CalebsMama05's Avatar CalebsMama05 01:49 PM 07-26-2006
I own one but i really only use it when we go to the mall or to go on long walks. ds#1 hates the sling so mostly i'll push him in the stroller and sling ds#2
brookerenee's Avatar brookerenee 08:15 PM 07-26-2006
My DD never sat in her stroller for more than 2 minutes until she turned two, and then she decided she liked it. However, I got a lot of use out of the stroller for carrying bags, coats, etc. while out shopping.
kennedy444's Avatar kennedy444 01:05 AM 07-28-2006
The stroller came in so handy at the mall today. While Anne slept well in the hotsling everyone was also hands free since their bags and packages were loaded in and on the stroller!
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