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While trying out a wrap a few weeks ago we walked across the street to visit the neighbours who were out in the yard. They are an older Italian couple who really liked the wrap and didnt flinch when they saw me wearing the little guy.
Yesterday the Polish woman from across the other way came racing while I was watering the plants while wearing the mei tai. She informed me that babies spines arent strong enough to be carried like that. I was making a terrible mistake. She also told me that in the old country babies were only carried in arms or in a carriage. I didnt want to suffer the wrath of this neighbour (!!) so I didnt explain to her about how long the mei tai has been used, blah blah blah. I just smiled & nodded.
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I also wanted to add...that my other *favorite* comment is how people "wish that those kind of carriers were around when they had their babies"...I often want to say that families have been carrying babies around in wraps and slings for all time and so I'm sure that they had *those kinds of things* back in the day! (I know it wasn't as easy to find, but come on people.....)

SAHM to four beautiful babes :
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I just got back from a trip, and so had "my" baby in my pouch sling all around different airports and got tons of comments. I felt like such a great ambassador - my babe was so happy and so comfy (I think the sling is his favorite place in the world) - and everyone kept asking me where they could get one. Of course I also got the "I wish they were around when I had kids" comment. Really biting my tongue like the rest of you. Seriously, slings are not a new thing, but people seem to think of them as the new and improved version of the Baby Bjorn or other such backpack.

Oh, and I have to seriously thank all you mommas out there. I got several "oh, you must have your hands full comments" (also traveling with a three year old), and I just looked down at my empty hands (or maybe just my cell in one), and looked puzzled.
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I also feel like a Sling ambassador almost every time I wear DD on a sling!

Many times I'll be asked about where to get them, they're such a great idea, etc.

They'll also ask about getting tired holding DD in a sling, LOL! I just reply that I'd be holding her anyway, at least this way I have my arms free.

Only once was I stopped by a woman who said she'd never seen anyone else (other than herself) wearing a maya sling.
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I get rude comments all the time about my Hotsling. I always have check-out people make comments. Mostly they ignore me and "talk" to my dd. They say things like (in baby voice) "oh mom-I sure am squished in here", " Poor thing, where do your legs go?" and the most recent was a woman who asked me how old my dd is. I replied that she is 5 months (she is very petite). She said "oh, its time for your mama to let you out of there. She's keeping you all to herself!". I just ignore people. I figure they are jealous nobody id carrying them around.

aka ~lioneyes~ :: In love with DH :: DD 5 :: new sweet baby girl 3/14/2011~ both born at home in water
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I think it would be easier to count the times I have *not* gotten a strange look or comment.

Alicia mama to 3 boys 6 and under.
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I always get people that look with interest, I don't remember anyone ever being rude about it though. Most of the time I get compliments or questions. The other day some guy asked me if it hurt my back carrying the baby like that (I had him in front in a wrap).

A couple weeks ago though we went to get ice cream and these two girls - probably about age nine or ten just stood there staring at me with this look of utter confusion when I was putting DS in his wrap.

Great for nature studies!
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I thought I was going to get a strange comment the other day from another mama on the bus. I had dd in the mei tai and it was our first long outing in that carrier, so I guess I was anticipating something.

Turns out she just wanted to tell me... "Your baby has a booger on her nose!"

Babywearing or not, that is a strange comment!!!!
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DH used our Ergo for the first time today (on his back) at Home Depot He has never carried our DD, but I was thrilled that he would rather wear her than stick her in a cart. I gave him a quick training lesson this AM and I was impressed how quickly he "got it". It took me forever I just wish I was there to see him strutting around in HD with our sweet little dd on his back. I wonder what all the guys thought of that
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I haven't really got any comments. Once my husband was wearing dd in the sling. I took her for a few minutes and he was still wearing the sling, and some teens thought he was wearing a sash!

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I've had people say of dd, newborn, in a pouch-"are you sure she can breathe??!?!?!?!?!!?" oh, like a MILLION times.

of ds in a pouch, turned slightly on the back of my hip, older, -"You're cutting off his circulation!" and "he's falling!he's falling!"

I also had a completely anal woman follow, yes, follow me around an Art and Wine festival and completely disturb peaceful ds who was on my back in my pouch(I am very experienced this way with ds, with a pouch.We used to do it to get him to sleep) and tell me how horrible I was that that was terrible for him, I was cutting off his circulation, his legs were spead to far, etc.

People can be downright rude.
Some young guy in Tj's actually asked me if"their legs spread that far?"

Um, yeah. They are spread, aren't they??!
For the record, ds goes around all day practicing the splits though, no joke.

I've had lots of other things said. The thing that tops the cake is the number of rude stares while carrying a toddler that apparently "can walk himself"

Due with number 5 in August. We do all that crunchy stuff.
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When ds2 was about 3 months old, 2 little old ladies walked up to me in wal-mart and just oooooh'd and ahhhhhh'd over my sling. One of them commented on how handy that would have been, she had 5 kids in 4 1/2 years (that blew me away!!!!!) They were both totally positive.

Solo Mum to 4 and loving every minute of it!!!!
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on the topic of "wish I had those when my kids were growing up" our librarian was telling me the other day that when her ds was a baby (30 yrs ago) they had a sling that they wore him in. The dad was going to school then and would walk around a night with the baby in the sling while he was studying.
So definately not a new invention.
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