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TypicalSituation's Avatar TypicalSituation 04:33 PM 09-28-2006
So, I love my wrap... but in town it is a major pita. So, I am thinking that a mei-tai would be easier for town trips (and maybe even fit in my diaper bag)? I have a ton of pouch slings I have made, but I really like having her weight evened out (even though she is only 20 lbs). So, the mei-tai sounds like a perfect solution. I want to sew it. What (free) pattern do you recommend? I don't care if it has a pocket or not (though it would be cool) and I will mostly be using it for back carry.b TIA!

bethwl's Avatar bethwl 08:14 PM 09-28-2006 has great DIY instructions for all types of carriers. Check out the DIY forum at for help and to ask questions while doing your project.
MonP'titBoudain's Avatar MonP'titBoudain 01:45 AM 09-30-2006
I have used these directions and also the ones on Emmas Sewing (see link below JanAndrea's Asian Baby Carrier). I kind of looked at what other people were doing (pockets, wider straps, etc) and picked what I liked. It's a pretty simple concept: a rectangle with shorter straps around the waist and longer straps for the arms. Good luck!
TypicalSituation's Avatar TypicalSituation 12:27 PM 09-30-2006
I think I am gonna try the Frankencozy because of the straps. I have a bit of a back problem and I love how my wrap straps kinda even things out. Thanks ladies.