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Originally Posted by lmartinx1 View Post
I've just recently started wearing my newborn out in public. (either in a RS or a pouch) So far, I've had several people stop me to ask if I had a baby in there or a PUPPY!!! I had never heard of such a thing!! Anyone else??
ive seen dog slings in stores, and have actually seen a few in person as well.... its interesting, lol

*~*Ashley*~* newly single mama to Tristan 10/01/2007
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We wear DS in a mei tai pretty much everywhere we go and we get a LOT of stares (mostly confused ones), but so far no dirty looks.

Carly [30] + DH [28] + DS [10]
TTC my second and his first!
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Originally Posted by ashleyhaugh View Post
ive seen dog slings in stores, and have actually seen a few in person as well.... its interesting, lol
We flew with the kids when DD was only 5 months and I had her sleeping in a sling and the flight attendent asked me if I could come up and write down for her where to get one, etc, etc....then after 5 minutes of her asking/me telling her...she goes, "well, my dog is having hip surgery...."
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I've gotten stares, but I think people are really just currious. Ocasionally people will come up to me and ask about my sling, where I got it, etc, they have been looking but can't find one.....
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I get lots of stares. Most comments are very positive. I do get alot of questions. If I get dirty looks it tends to be because people think I have too many kids and not so much about the slings.

Rachel , wifey to best friend Karl ,
SAHM to Kaelan (11) Chandra (9) Liam (7) Lachlan (5) Killian (4),Riordan (1), Baby Boy EDD 11/14. All born at home!

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Originally Posted by quietserena View Post
I went to Target with DD in a ring sling, facing out.

I got *the* dirtiest looks from two moms with kiddos in strollers. I just smiled at them and smiled at the kiddos. I mean, what do I know, maybe they've got back problems and can't babywear. I don't care that their kiddos are in strollers! My DD and I are happy with a sling, for our reasons.

Maybe it was my scarf. I've gotten a few dirty looks about it since 9/11. Maybe the combination of my scarf and the sling makes me look too foreign, and in these xenophobic times that justifies a dirty look.

I did get really sweet smiles from two elder couples though. That makes me feel better but it doesn't erase those other looks.

</vent> Thanks for listening.
This is why I love babywearing here, in hillbiehell!! I can educate so many people about it. WHat shocks me is the people who wnat one ( dads and grandmas) It is the main reason why I started my own business making them.

Living DAIRY AND GLUTEN FREE for my SPD and Aspergers Little Man.
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post
I find myself doing that too. I LOVE the wonderful fabrics patterns and lace trims I see on the scarves and wish I had a reason to wear them. I also try to figure out how they keep them on. I have a drawer full of scarves and feel I never have any reason to wear them. They are so lovely in the box, but I can never figure out how to wear them.

I also look at women who are baby wearing to see how they are doing it and to see if I can learn something new.

I hope they don't think I'm giving them a dirty look but I'm sure they may think I'm rather odd.

Sorry about the dirty looks. There is no excuse for that. I've been on the recieving end of these when out with DH in his uniform. Mostly people are very nice, but we had one koot go off about the Iraq war in the airport. It was really sad as I was so excited to show DH that DD had learned to nurse and he had been gone for some time. It put a bit of a damper on our reunion, and that was the first time I told someone to F-off in front of DD.
I also have found myself staring at hajibs... because they are ALWAYS gorgeous. We have quite a few Muslim ladies in my area, and I am almost infatuated with them, because they always look so lovely. The scarves are always such beautifully patterened and colored silk fabrics, and on the ladies with darker skin tones, the rich fabric sets off the rich tones in their skin, which I totally envy. Plus, I think scarves really do draw the attention toward someone's eyes.

But usually, when I'm staring, I'm making this "Gosh how pretty" almost wistful drool-y face that's hard to confuse with glaring. I always get smiles in return, at least!

I've gotten a few dirty looks when I, or ESPECIALLY DH slings. In the home of the SUV stroller, and especially because during fairs or carnivals in the summer I go barefoot or in "slave sandals", I get all sorts of dirty looks. I just grin real big at people, and usually they at least back off.
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I mostly get a lot of smiles and even the occassional "oh what a lucky baby". The only time I ever got grief over it was at a "friends" house. They were having a birthday party for my brother in law and some of my in laws were there as well as some pre-baby friends. People thought my wrap was just so weird, and they laughed and made jokes about it. aaahhh, family and "friends" they are just so supportive aren't they. Can't wait till they start having kids.
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First off, think that hijabs are beautiful too. I live in the UK but I'm an American and it really disgusts me that since 9/11 people would give people wearing them dirty looks.....

I think people are partly facinated by it, and partly confused.

I find I either get "wow how cool" looks or "what the???" looks.

I always hate it when I'm happily babywearing and suddenly DD decides she wants to cry and kick off...I think fear people giving me judgemental looks and thinking i'm making my baby unhappy.
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For me, I've always thought it was curiosity. I can't say I've gotten 'dirty' looks. We had my dd's birthday party at a huge park last weekend and I had my ds in my Ergo on my back. I was so busy I sort of forgot he was there. Then this woman was smiling at me and laughing a little and I found myself getting upset, wondering why is she smiling at me like that! Than I realized she wasn't smiling at me but the cutie on my back .
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Regarding the dog carrying. I used to do it all the time. I had a special pet pouch for my elderly Yorkie. Not only was it safer for my dog in crowded places, but it was good on public transit where you don't know when the person sitting next to you is afraid of dogs. It's funny because it looks like a baby carrier from the back, so people would walk pass me from behind with a smile on their face eager to see the baby only to look shocked then start laughing when they saw the little dog head poking out. I just smiled back.

Carrying a baby is a lot easier, though.
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Maybe that lady I saw the other day was wearing a dog. She was wearing a padded RS but it didn't look like there could've been a baby in there. My SIL and I were both wearing our babies in MTs and the lady didn't bat an eye at us, which is odd because usuassy when I spot BWing mamas we end chatting about carriers

Unassisted birthing, atheist, poly, bi WOHM to 4 wonderful, smart homeschooling kids Wes (14) Seth (7) Pandora Moonlilly (2) and Nevermore Stargazer (11/2012)  Married to awesome SAH DH.

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When I get weird stares I usually assume it's the hijab ... fortunately I've got nothing but amazed stares when I'm slingin' ds. It's so nifty to hear people whispering as I walk by, "That's so cool, there's a baby in there!" When ds was about three weeks old I was at a wedding and as I was putting him in the pouch I could see like half the guests staring at me. Didn't know babywearing could make me an instant celebrity.

The funny thing about the hijab is I always get compliments on it when I go to hippie stores though
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I live in the mainstream, conservative midwest and I get lots of positive comments when I wear my daughter in the ring sling. People are always making faces with her and saying that she looks so comfy and happy. Well no kidding, she's at face height, not knee height, and with her mama! I actually have only gotten one negative comment from a friend who said that I was going to break her legs. I said that I thought the millenia of women who have worn their babies in slings and soft carriers would probably disagree.

Robin, strong and happy single mama to Anna (7/06)
"Au milieu de l'hiver, j'ai découvert en moi un invincible été."
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