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nextcommercial's Avatar nextcommercial 08:07 PM 03-13-2007
Let's say you have $100 to spend on ONE carrier. You can spend it all, or buy a cheaper carrier.

Hypothetically, you don't own any yet. So, don't choose according to your current stash.

What would you buy? An Ergo, a nice wrap? A cool Babyhawk???


What would be your final choice?

cchrissyy's Avatar cchrissyy 08:15 PM 03-13-2007
All I need is one nice, quality mei tai. Something in fabric I love that can carry from birth on...
mama2walden&luna's Avatar mama2walden&luna 08:32 PM 03-13-2007
MollyandCleo's Avatar MollyandCleo 08:36 PM 03-13-2007
A nice wrap! Like a nicely broken in Didymos Indio.
425lisamarie's Avatar 425lisamarie 08:47 PM 03-13-2007
Wrap for sure
3for_me's Avatar 3for_me 10:55 PM 03-13-2007
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 11:21 PM 03-13-2007
Rockin' Baby sling
hottmama's Avatar hottmama 11:37 PM 03-13-2007
I'd go with a structured carrier-- I prefer my Yamo to the Ergo.
Or if you could split the $100 and buy 2 carriers, I'd get a summerweight (light cotton, mesh, or solarveil) pouch and a mei tai. That could be done under $100.
LittleLlama's Avatar LittleLlama 03:35 AM 03-14-2007
If I could only own one NOW, I wouldn't go back on my Beco decision. 15mo ad 28 pounds needs somethng sturdy.

BUT, if we were talking little baby, I would have rather had a wrap than the ring slings I did have. I like the versatility of being able to face little babies out and nursing would have been ... well, possible!
socalfelicity2's Avatar socalfelicity2 03:46 AM 03-14-2007
Ergo- in fact, I wish I had only bought that instead of the 7 carriers I bought before I found it! For me, it is nirvana!
taradt's Avatar taradt 03:01 PM 03-14-2007
ergo for sure... I love the ease and quickness and these days it is pretty much all I use.
Daisie125's Avatar Daisie125 03:05 PM 03-14-2007
Depends on the age of the baby.

If it was pre-baby or a newborn, I would buy a wrap. If I had a 6+ month old, I would get an ergo.
yarngoddess's Avatar yarngoddess 03:25 PM 03-14-2007
I would try to by a wrap and a ring sling if possible to find quality for that amount of money. I have a ring sling and they are great in some situations, and others I would want a wrap. Another thing about a ring sling is that they are great as an acessory- cart cover, high chair cover, blanket, prop up in the carseat, and coushin when sleeping and placed in the shoping cart.
pixiepunk's Avatar pixiepunk 10:41 PM 03-14-2007
if i could absolutely only buy one, then i would definitely get a large-bodied MT in a fabric i loved - maybe a custom, probably a Kozy.

if i could spend that $100 in any way i wanted and couldn't sew, i'd probably try to find a a gently used larger bodied MT and a good ring sling.

but since i can sew, i'd try and find a used structured carrier (ergo or the like) and then use the money i had left over to make myself a MT *and* a ring sling
mom2noah's Avatar mom2noah 06:10 AM 03-15-2007
I would get a Mei Tai or Beco.
Patrice#1's Avatar Patrice#1 12:24 PM 03-15-2007
If there is a sling lending library where you live, that would be an excellent step, because then you can go and view/try on lots of different styles. Lots of momma's at LLL meetings and NINO meetings use baby carriers, so if you attend them you can probably see different ones.
beckyand3littlemonsters's Avatar beckyand3littlemonsters 12:28 PM 03-15-2007
I'd buy this
Kajira's Avatar Kajira 02:35 PM 03-15-2007
hmmm have you been peeking in my windows I was in this very same position.
I broke down and got a rev. babyhawk.
ds2003's Avatar ds2003 10:30 PM 03-21-2007
I'd be torn between a BabyHawk MT and an embroidered Freehand MT. The headrest of the BabyHawk may edge it to victory.

I just ordered a pumpkin BabyHawk last weekend. I'm now thinking of a light colored one. Maybe a caramel Babyhawk but am liking the Freehand. I just wish it had a head rest.
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 03:26 PM 03-22-2007
I would buy a BBO or other wrap strap Mei Tai. (Maya Tie, for example). I have a DIY maya tie that is AWESOME and a BBO on the way. (My stash is now down to those two, a mei hip and the moby, which is probably going to a friend as a loaner until we have another newborn...)

But for a wee baby, I am partial to a Moby wrap. But then, I've never used a wrap strapped mei tai with an infant....
stacyann21's Avatar stacyann21 03:07 PM 03-23-2007
Well so far a wrap is the only thing DS will let me carry him in so I'd say a wrap
Aradia Paganus's Avatar Aradia Paganus 03:11 PM 03-23-2007
I am a Babywearing addict so this situation is especially difficult... but hands down-- a good quality wrap. (Didy or Storch)

From birth to (I heard of 4yo) you have great carrier that can do it all.... plus these bad boys (wraps) last for decades. (Read about some mama's in Germany getting the didys they were wore in as baby shower presents from their mothers.)