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alana1980's Avatar alana1980 04:36 PM 03-25-2007
I'm trying to decide on a Beco or Ergo for my 22 pound guy. I want it to carry mostly on my back.

I'm 5"3 and weigh 125.

What do you like/dislike about each carrier? I'm really interested in hearing from people who have tried both.


beachbaby's Avatar beachbaby 04:57 PM 03-25-2007
I'm no real help, since I haven't tried either, but I have been researching soft structured carriers (I just posted about ordering mine!) and decided on an AngelPack LX. I am petite (well, sorta fluffy around the middle now , but narrow shoulders and short) and have read that some smaller mamas can't get the shoulder straps tight enough on Becos and Ergos. I couldn't with the Patapum (another soft structured carrier)--it felt way too loose even tightened all the way. Hoping the APLX will solve that problem.

There are lots of comparison threads over at the TBW forums (, too. It helped me when making my decision.

HTH some!
rzberrymom's Avatar rzberrymom 03:04 PM 03-26-2007
I have both. The Ergo is super sturdy, it has a carrying pocket (can fit a diaper, wipes, keys, money, etc.), the seat is nice and wide. The Beco is prettier (more like a MT), much less bulky, is lighter, folds up much smaller (easier to throw in a purse when you're not wearing DC), has a stay-put strap that lets you roll it up into kind of like a fanny pack and keep it on your waist when you're not using it, it feels more comfortable to me than the Ergo if you ever use a front carry. The sleeping hood is about the same on each (one has snaps, one has clips). The Beco is taller, so it comes up higher behind my DD's back--it's harder for a toddler to try to back-dive out of a Beco. My DD likes the Ergo better, I think because of the wide seat (good for toddlers). I like the Beco better, probably because the higher back keeps her more snug against my body. Although, I did find the Ergo more comfortable than the Beco in the winter because it's roomier for when you're wearing jackets (I have a hard time getting the Beco over my DD when she's wearing lots of clothes). I think the Ergo is better constructed, but it is made in China and comes in a vinyl bag that smells of chemicals (the Beco is made locally).

They're both wonderful carriers! You can't go wrong.
Mamazon's Avatar Mamazon 04:41 PM 03-26-2007
I have both and love them. I use the beco more around the house with cleaning and wearing Aidan on my back and he usually will fall asleep back there.. I use the Ergo more when I am walking or out and about for hours. It seems to not hurt my legs as much. I notice that if I wear the beco for logn periods of time my legs are sore from the weight of my son but not in the Ergo. Not sure why though? he is about 27lbs and I can wear him comfortable in both. I love how the pp also stated that the beco is smaller and more compact for tossing in the bag and is a little less bulkier. But my main plan for having 2 was to use one for DH (ergo) and the beco for me when we have #3.
lmartinx1's Avatar lmartinx1 05:15 AM 03-27-2007
If had/have a Yamo, Ergo, Beco and an Angelpack LX. Of the 4...I MUCH prefer the APLX over the others. The padded shoulder straps are the softest I've ever felt, I like the way the detachable hood slips INSIDE the panels, instead of storing on the outside (a much sleeker look), the arm cutouts are great and the waist belt and body are very supportive for babe. My 5mo DD has loved it since she was 2mo!! HTH?!?