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Gianna'sMamma's Avatar Gianna'sMamma 07:38 PM 03-30-2007
Anyone have experience with the Hotslings Pool Pouch or any Hotsling? I am having problems with my Moby Wrap, and I'm hoping maybe the Hotsling might work better for me.

I want a sling I can just throw on and go anywhere with. The Moby is taking too long. Also, my baby keeps sliding down. I need for her to be able to be more upright in the cradle hold. She hates tummy to tummy, but she has acid reflux, so she needs to be at an incline, but in the moby she keeps sliding down. It may just be her small size. She was only 4 pounds at birth and is just now 6.5, so she may have these problems in any sling or wrap at first.

Finally, we are both sweating like crazy! We live in Houston, so it is definitely going to be getting probably 20 degrees hotter than it is now, so we need something a little cooler. I noticed that the pool pouch is on sale thru tomorrow, so I thought I'd buy that even though I really can't afford it - just to keep cool! I wasn't sure if it is too stretchy though? I want something that will be snug and allow me to hold her up high...I hate carrying her low.

If the pool pouch isn't recommended, do you guys have another recommendation? I need something under $40, as I am going to sell the Moby in order to pay for the Hotsling or whatever sling I decide to get it and don't have a lot of money to spend. But I have to find something FAST, because this child does NOT like to be put down and I haven't gotten a thing done in 4 weeks.


chmmr's Avatar chmmr 10:50 PM 03-30-2007
If you are really Hot, then I would definitely try the pool pouch. I found it didn't work as well as i hoped in water due to an older child splashing the baby, but loved it on land in hot weather!
Katheda's Avatar Katheda 11:57 PM 03-30-2007
It sounds like you need to try a different wrap and possibley get to a local NINO meeting ( for help in learning to use it, your tiny baby shoudl not, even with a stretchy Moby wrap, be sagging as you describe. I don't recommend a pool pouch for either the heat or for keeping a tiny baby upright to help with reflux. Pool pouches are designed to dry quickly when at the pool. They are made from a synthetic material that is a very open weave, kinda scratchy and definitely lacking the breathability and coolness of a leightweight wrap such as the GypsyMama BaliBaby Breeze. Hotslings are wonderful pouches but I think that your money would be better spent on something like a gauze wrap that would be both cool and keep your little wee one in the upright position needed to help with reflux as any pouch woudl not be supportive enough to keep your newborn in the correct postion for optimal reflux help.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 01:14 AM 03-31-2007
You can even make your own no-sew gauze wrap:

And I agree, even with a tiny baby you ought to be able to get a nice secure upright hold. When you pre-tie the Moby make sure you're tying it very snugly as it will loosen up over time.
Gianna'sMamma's Avatar Gianna'sMamma 08:22 PM 04-02-2007
Thanks for the pointers! I kinda took everyone's advice. I ended up ordering a pool pouch, but I also went out and bought some gauze fabric to do another wrap. Unfortunately, it was even harder to do than the Moby, so I'm still stuck without a carrier for now. I will see if I can make it to the NINO meeting, but I have several weeks until then.

Oh, I also ordered an Ergo with an infant insert. I know it willbe extremely hot and it was way too expensive, but it is the only carrier that looked easy to put her in the position I need her.

I think, after she's 4 or 5 months old, I'm going to get the Sachi Solarweave Mei Tai, too. That one looks AWESOME and oooh so cool.

Thanks again for your help!!!