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Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 05:03 PM 05-21-2007
I had something like that for DS only it was built into the carseat itself.

I didn't use it as an alternative to the sling. I used it as an alternative to lugging the plastic bucket around with my hands/arms on the handful of times I needed to go somewhere and he was asleep in the carseat- running into the post office, or picking up the girls from school. If I was going to be out of the car more than 10 minutes I'd put him in the normal sling, but sometimes it was just easier to not fuss with his buckles and just move him and carseat together if we're going right back into the car.

I see this as an alternative to the bucket-toting strollers, not as an alternative to regular babywearing.

AllieFaye's Avatar AllieFaye 05:30 PM 05-21-2007
Dh uses a bucket-style carseat for his car, and likes it quite a bit. I showed him that ad over the weekend. His response was full of UA violations. Ahem. He was Not Impressed.
teeny_bean's Avatar teeny_bean 06:14 PM 05-21-2007
Um... the only time I can imagine that thing being useful is maybe if you're flying and you have to carry an infant carseat through an airport. Then it would free your hands for carrying luggage and other things. Otherwise, : . Ow. Just ow.
UmmIbrahim's Avatar UmmIbrahim 06:51 PM 05-21-2007
I showed that site to my dh and he thought that was the stupidest thing he has ever seen in his entire life. Norm when we go somewhere via car and hafta put the bebe in the careseat...he gets struck lugging baby in carseat up the 3 flights of stairs to our apt when we come how...n he always moans about how heavy it all is. He was like...what a waste!!!

Its sad...why r moms soo scared of being attached to their wee babes and carrying them around? Whats with the scary "distance" this stuff encourages...its breeds a cold culture that is afraid of physical affection and attachment.

I just want to cry when I see stuff like that!

Umm Ibrahim
wasswifey's Avatar wasswifey 08:17 PM 05-21-2007
WHY would somebody use that!? I bet it would kill! I actually saw someone with one of those at the breastfeeding store here. Yikes.
treqi's Avatar treqi 10:36 PM 05-21-2007
Go leave a comment!: : :
lyttlewon's Avatar lyttlewon 06:05 PM 05-22-2007
Originally Posted by Quirky View Post
Holy guacamole. That thing must have been invented by a sadistic chiropractor looking to ensure a continuous stream of patients!
laughup :
nikihodges's Avatar nikihodges 04:29 AM 05-26-2007
so here is my question WTH a baby can only ride in a bucket style seat for what 25 lbs? ok the seat itself weighs at least 10lbs why in hell would you not just carry the baby, in a sling: a lady came up to me in the store and said how she was glad to see me carrying my ds instead of having him in the cold hard seat.... i just told her that this (pointing to myself) is wher he LOVES to be....
danna's Avatar danna 05:14 AM 05-26-2007
That's so ridiculous it's funny. My DH thought that was a joke. I can't believe how lame that looks.
living_organic's Avatar living_organic 05:32 AM 05-26-2007
Originally Posted by treqi View Post
Go leave a comment!: : :
I did leave a comment/review on that site the first day this thread appeared and they have yet to put it up...I don't own one of these things but they don't know that! Maybe they refuse to put up bad reviews...mine was very, very bad but UA's
heket's Avatar heket 05:34 AM 05-26-2007
wtf? :

We did use a bucket, on occasion, with the kids. This is too much.

BTW, anyone else notice that this was a "parent invented" item. Way to go mainstreamers, very original. I can see how this is easy than a sling, pouch, or mei tai. a

Definitely leaving a reply.
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