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threadbey's Avatar threadbey 06:55 PM 08-18-2007
this is when using as a backpack and letting my arms hang by my sides (and after a bit of time). i couldn't seem to adjust the chest strap or the arm straps in a way to fix it. i ended up hooking my thumbs into the straps and that changed something in my shoulders' position to solve the problem, but...

is this normal? has anyone else had this issue?

ber's Avatar ber 11:41 PM 08-18-2007
I've had that issue before too. I think I'd be tempted to adjust the waistband - like maybe try to get him higher up so that his weight isn't pulling down so much on the straps.

I haven't done it w/the Ergo, but when I was playing around w/a Beco, I fastened the waistbandright below my boobs so that my at-the-time 4 month old would be higher up on my back. Maybe you could try something like that.
walrissa's Avatar walrissa 03:58 AM 08-19-2007
Yes, adjust the waist so it is higher. You likely aren't utilizing the waist as a weight bearing area.