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Banana731 08-27-2007 11:39 PM

I want to get a new sling to round out my collection. Specifically I want a sling that will be better for a newborn than my maya wrap(which I love, but was difficult with dd when until she was a couple months old.)

I have a solarveil pouch that I bought for the beach/shower, but it's not stretchy, I have the Maya Wrap which I will most likely use for the majority of my new one's baby wearing days, and I have an ellaroo.

So I was thinking a Moby Wrap, which has been recommended to me for little babies. But which should I go for the regular or the Moby wrap D? Since I have the ellaroo I do have a wrap that's good for when the baby gets heavier. How stretchy is the Moby? Will I be constantly retightening it, even with a tiny baby, does the D fix that? Does the D having that panel make it difficult to as secure a fit with a newborn, also is it much hotter?

Any advice from Moby lovers is greatly appreciated.

Quirky 08-28-2007 12:44 AM

The Moby is 100% cotton, so it is stretchy like a t-shirt, but not like a rubber band (or like the horrible Ultimate Baby Wrap which is WAY too stretchy). I like to tie it fairly snugly as it will stretch out when you put the baby in, but if you tie it snugly to begin with baby's not going to end up down around your belly or anything.

I think the warmth of the Moby D depends on which version you get. Fleece panel -- definitely the warmest! Brocade panel -- warmer. Woven panel -- IMO about the same as the regular Moby, maybe a tad cooler. But really at that point you have 3 layers of fabric on top of baby, two Xs and the panel, so it's a warm wrap no matter which way you slice it.

I def. don't think the panel makes it harder to tie -- if anything I find it easier because it's easier to tell the cummerbund piece from the rest of it in getting baby firmly situation within the Xs and pulling the cummerbund up to finish things off. Again a snug tie to begin with is the key.

Since you have the Ellaroo wrap I think you can go either way, but you def. get more wearing life out of the Moby D (esp. if you get the woven panel one as opposed to the fleece panel one) in terms of supportiveness + snuggly comfort against baby's body.


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