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Mahre's Avatar Mahre 06:13 PM 11-04-2007
Out of all the baby carriers, slings, wraps, ect. what is your favorite newborn carrier? Did you change carriers as your baby aged?

rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 06:23 PM 11-04-2007
Well, since you say out of ANY, I choose the Kozy. - www.kozycarrier.com - but for a newborn I found the Hotsling really nice too. Easy to nurse in. This time I really wanna try a Moby with the baby, am getting one from an MDC mama now actually, I'm excited!
almadianna's Avatar almadianna 07:27 PM 11-04-2007
for a newborn it was definately the moby but i am a huge wrapper.
maymorales's Avatar maymorales 09:48 PM 11-04-2007
oh gee, definitely a closet full of carriers here.
i should identify each one by stage or something.

wraps & rs are best for newborns, imo.
Arwyn's Avatar Arwyn 11:07 PM 11-04-2007
Bali Baby Stretch, totally. Mei tai and woven wrap are also great. I didn't get the hang of the RS until later.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 11:15 PM 11-04-2007
The problem is, if you ask 10 babywearers "what is the best sling for xyz," you'll probably get 20 different answers!

For newborns, I love:

stretchy wraps

fleece wraps (depending on season of course)

open-tailed non-padded ring slings (or with light padding in shoulder and/or rails but NOT closed tail/heavily padded ring slings a la NoJo or OTSBH)

Bali Baby Stretch GypsyMama wrap as a PP mentioned

fitted pouches for quick in-outs

and of course tall-bodied MTs for the incomparable ease of getting baby on my back in a high-back carry! (totally doable with a wrap but I like a MT better for this purpose).

See, that's just me and you've got 6 different answers right there!
burke-a-bee's Avatar burke-a-bee 11:21 PM 11-04-2007
Definately pouch like New Native for newborn. Then a wrap for older infant. Transition into MT and eventually an Ergo type.
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 11:31 PM 11-04-2007
The only thing I will say about the New Native is that IMO it is too deep to be safe for a newborn. I forgot to mention in my post above, you need to be very careful with a ring sling or pouch not to use the fully-reclined cradle position with a newborn, because of the risk of positional asphyxia. Any baby, but especially a newborn, needs to have her airway protected, and anything that tilts chin into chest jeopardizes the airway. For your comfort and her safety, any baby should also be worn high and tight against your body (in the same position that you'd hold her in arms, above your waistline) and IME the New Native (which I used with my first) is too deep and too oversized to be worn comfortably and safely with a NB.

Just my .02 (or .25 as the case may be )
s_kristina's Avatar s_kristina 11:35 PM 11-04-2007
My personal favorite for a newborn is a simple unpadded ring sling. I've got to agree that you will probably get different answers from each person though. I've never found a pouch I like, but I know plenty of people love them.
delphiniumpansy's Avatar delphiniumpansy 03:13 PM 11-05-2007
hotsling pouch!
Stayseeliz's Avatar Stayseeliz 01:21 PM 11-06-2007
I have a 3 1/2 week old and I've been using the Babyhawk MT and the Hotsling pouch the most. Both are good for different situations. Pouch for quick trips. MT for long carries like the grocery store, etc.

I'm hoping to get the hang of wrapping a newborn soon. I have a Moby but haven't figured it out yet!
CanidFL's Avatar CanidFL 01:45 PM 11-06-2007
I have 2 favorites.

I use my moby around the house for doing chores or surfing the web.

I use my unpadded ring sling to get him to sleep and when we go out of the house. It's just easier to put on and off quickly and the one I have is very breezy.
CindyCindy's Avatar CindyCindy 05:54 PM 11-07-2007
My mei tai or moby wrap. For some reason I couldn't get my babe comfy in a pouch and never got the hang of the ring sling (never could tighten it to my liking). The Moby Wrap holds the baby super close and you can keep the head tucked in so you know she is super secure. Yet, its too long for me to take out into public, so I used my Mei Tai for that (still do, seven months later).
guestmama9915's Avatar guestmama9915 08:37 PM 11-07-2007
For a newborn I love love love wraps. And they are really the most comfortable I've found and really easy once you get the hang of it. I've also used a Kangaroo Korner Fleece Pouch or whatever they're called and loved it, but it was too hot this baby. I didn't care for my Hotsling w/ a newborn.
boadhagh's Avatar boadhagh 08:46 PM 11-07-2007
Hotsling or similar. Sooooo easy to use.


ETA: You'd need to switch to a different style eventually. We got an ergo when dd was around 20lbs.
dachshundqueen's Avatar dachshundqueen 08:56 PM 11-07-2007
Still a spaz.

Still using my original maya wrap with my 29 month old toddler. 25 #

Still using the maya wrap with my 1 month old. 13 #

To carry both at once I put toddler in back carry, newborn in front laying or upright carry.

Had to buy a second one for kidlet # 2 , but still a fan. Cheap and easy.

Liz Copeland
HopefulHeart's Avatar HopefulHeart 03:39 AM 11-08-2007
Top 4 infant carriers for us was a ring sling, hotslings pouch (loved the Zoie one!), kozy mei tai, and babyhawk mei tai.

Even as my daughter became older, I still loved all 4 carriers. I now use ring slings more than pouches but I do still love a pouch. And, I also tried wraps as she became older. I wish I would have tried them at first but I didn't...so, a wrap might make it to my favorites as well for an infant...I don't know though until I'm able to try it one day and see how it feels. I hear a lot of mamas love it though!
Quindin's Avatar Quindin 09:51 AM 11-10-2007
A stretchy wrap HANDS DOWN!

The tiny newborn all curled up in soft stretchy fabric is just heavenly!! And the ease of popping the baby in and out is another great bonus!

I have many different kinds of carriers I used with my last baby, but with this new little one I know I will only be using my stretchy wrap for the first month :

As the baby gets older, it was fun to try Meitai. Before then, they seem like such a stiff and un-cuddly option for a newborn... Just my opinion.

And of course - WOVEN WRAPS!! Specially a Didymos is even better!
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 03:55 PM 11-10-2007
OTSBH or Rockin' Baby Sling
Hobie's Avatar Hobie 09:39 PM 11-10-2007
DIY Moby wrap! Later, SSC's.
cotopaxi's Avatar cotopaxi 01:13 AM 11-12-2007
For newborn: STRETCHY WRAP, I loved the moby... got 2 so whenever one was in the laundry I'd still have one to use. so soft and snuggly for baby, so comfy and ergonomic for mama.

For 3 months+ (she's 6 months now): Mei Tais; I love my babyhawk in particular. Easy to use with little learning curve, very supportive and comfy for me to wear, baby loves being upright and looking around, adjustable so I could go from legs in to legs out, arms in or arms out (depending on if she's sleepy), etc.
Hazelnut's Avatar Hazelnut 02:23 AM 11-12-2007
With my 1st and 2nd I used a ringsling and pouch. This time I worried more about the cradle carry (for reasons quirky mentioned) and he hated the cradle anyway. For tummy to tummy I loved my Kozy (which I bought from quirky ) . It was tall enough for my big guy to be legs in for several weeks. I also liked my mei tai baby and now love my catbird baby cuz the bottom can be cinched for earlier legs out.
I liked my moby too, but used it less than the kozy.
hipmummy's Avatar hipmummy 02:25 AM 11-12-2007
I liked teh karma baby pouch and teh taylor made ring sling. If I had to do it al over I would have gotten a peanut shell regular and fleece and maybe one ring sling.
hipmummy's Avatar hipmummy 02:27 AM 11-12-2007
Oh and yes we did chnge around slings at different stages. Sometimes the pouch worked better for dining and the sling worked better for grocery shopping. I keep one in the car and now one inthe stroller. Yes, I do have to use one now. It is hard to walk 10 miles with a twenty three pounder in a sling.
addiemom'07's Avatar addiemom'07 02:39 AM 11-14-2007
I've only used a DIY 5yd stretch wrap since DD was born. She loves it and now that she's older (5 mo) I just turn her around so she faces out. I have large mammary glands and have found that I have less back pain when I use the wrap then when I'm not carrying her at all. The wrap helps hold up the girls too