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Originally Posted by cyberfish View Post

I'd love to be able to make a mei tai. Is it really as straightforward as it looks? I've sewn lots of advanced projects so I feel like I'm a bit handy with a sewing machine.

Thanks again everyone!
I made one with absolutely NO sewing skills at all.

http://thosemartins.com/bmt/ I combined this set of directions with

http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/FrankenKozy.htm this one, and came up with my own.

Here's another good one. http://www.bradley-etheridge.com/MaeMeiTai.htm

Visit the do it yourself board at thebabywearers message board.

It was FUN! It cost me about $8.00 in supplies and about four hours to make.
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I had my oldest in a maya wrap on my back or my hip at 3 without issues. I had to sell the mei tai for a bill but I have a ring sling now that I can put my now 3 year old 32lb daughter in when her sister is sleeping. Usually I have the 2 month old in the sling though because the toddler wants to walk. But physically it's doable.


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DD1 is almost 4 and we still wear her occasionally. I don't think there is a too old.

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they are expensive here, BUT these are all for kids up to 60 POUNDS - think, you could put her in when she's seven-ish!!!! they sit on your back and help support the child by distributing them equally. This is a lot safer for your back (I suffer from sciatica - ouch) and leaves your hands free, some also have sun canopies.

http://www.rockymountaintrail.com/detail.aspx?ID=10062 this one is for a 47 pound or under child, but looks like it would be sturdy.

Whatever you choose, you may seriously consider one with a standing frame that you can sit on the ground and it stays upright, something with a waist band which will halp with positioning, and cushioned straps.

I think that it's worth the investment because you can continue to use it for more than just a few months, it will still be good at the flea market and on longer hikes when they just get too tired...

Good luck!!
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We have a Kelty frame carrier which I *think* is listed to 45 pounds for the child... which my son is just at... but we haven't had him in it since before he was 3 (pretty sure). The thing is that just like with car seats you need to take HEIGHT into consideration as well - at a certain point a child may be light enough to carrier in the frame carrier but might also be absurdly tall. Also carrying a child in a frame carrier can't *exactly* be pinned down to a matter of weight... if you are backpacking you may find 40 pounds of gear in an internal frame pack is "not all that bad" but those 40 pounds of gear tend to ride pretty quietly... as opposed to a 40 pound kid who moves around, yells, grabs for things, and tries to stand up.

I did like my Kelty when my son was small - but I can't really see using any frame carrier as long as some of them say you can. But it all depends on how active your child is and how tall.

My son is 4 and a few months and he's ~43 pounds and he's TALL. I don't wear him but I do still carry him... at 7-8 months pregnant with twins which tends to result in a lot of horrified looks from the general public LOL. I don't carry him a LOT but I do still carry him... and I am looking forward to my mai tei carriers coming so I can try him out on my back just for one last whirl. I don't expect to really use them with him but I feel like I missed out on wearing him as much as I could have. This is just my gut impression but I think that a mai tai or SSC where the child is getting more of a piggy back ride than in a frame attached to your back is liable to work out better for a bigger toddler/preschooler - who knows. But kids that age do still like to be carried... but can't be as squirmy when they're carried nice and close vs. in a frame where they can try to stand up and stuff.

So I am agreeing with the people who are saying carry/wear them as long as you want to.

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My DD just turned 4 and is 35lbs and I still wear her on occasion. Let me tell you I was sooooo freaking happy that I had my Beco with me when we were on a long walk with friends and my stroller broke. I ended up walking 2.5 miles with my DD on my back.
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