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Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 07:31 AM 04-11-2008
I have been thinking about getting a mei tai but they are pretty expensive here in Germany. I wouldn't think twice if I knew I would love it. That is why I am asking here do you love your Mei tai?? Would you not want to do without it?

I have a moby and like it. I also have a non strechy wrap and don't love it.

So is the mei tai worth the Euros??? If yes does it matter what brand? I am thinking about getting one with silk, is it sturdy?

Thanks mama's! :

miche28's Avatar miche28 02:40 AM 04-13-2008
I do really like my Mei Tai, both for functionality and look (I currently have an Ellaroo, but had a BabyHawk too). Mei Tais are more expensive because of the construction - there are lots of "joints" that need to be well sewn and the fabric must be sturdy enough to hold, yet flexible enough to tie.

Usually, the Mei Tai I have seen with silk have a panel sewn in (my BabyHawk was like this) - the body is still a cotton. This adds stability to the body (and adds the feature that you can turn them inside out for a non-silk/non-girly pattern).
alegna's Avatar alegna 02:54 AM 04-13-2008
Love, love, LOVE my MT. I have a kozy -after buying 3 other GOOD MT before it... wish I'd gotten it to start with

rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 07:48 PM 04-13-2008
LOVE MT's! After trying everything else, I will never stray again! Nothing compares, IMO. My fave is also Kozy...though these days I am using my Sachi alot as I have a 1 week old and the Sachi body is REALLY small...perfect for a newborn.
Jannah6's Avatar Jannah6 07:52 PM 04-13-2008
I had a Moby, but DS and I just couldn't get into it. I have a MT and we are both good with it. Perhaps you can purchase a used one? I bought mine for $29 on MDC trading post.
Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 08:39 PM 04-13-2008
Love my Kozy! Got it used, too. Well worth it.
prancie's Avatar prancie 09:27 PM 04-13-2008
If I had to pick one carrier forever, it would be a mei tai. I have other kinds, but for all around ease and usefulness, a mei tai can't be beaten (IMHO).
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 12:45 AM 04-14-2008
It's the one carrier that I consistently used for both DS and DD, it's also the only carrier that DH will use. I didn't start using it until DS was a year and think I really missed out the first 12 months! DD had a bit of reflux and only wanted to be upright so she practically lived in from the time she was about a week old.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 12:56 AM 04-14-2008
I guess I'm the odd woman out, but I'm not crazy about mine. I have two of them. They're cute, but cumbersome. They're a pain to get on. They're a pain to get the child out of - especially when the child is asleep. I don't hate mine, but I"m not crazy about it.
hellyaellen's Avatar hellyaellen 01:00 AM 04-14-2008
i'll second that.

i keep thinking about selling mine in fact but its the only carrier i've ever been able to do a back carry with. i think the main reason i keep it is because i have a really pretty yet gender neutral one.

i started out bab ywearing with a ring-sling and i still love it. the mei-tei i'm kind of "eh, whatever" about.
Kay11's Avatar Kay11 01:06 PM 04-14-2008
Well worth the money imo. I use a MT now more than anything else, even a wrap, and I never thougt I'd say that!
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 02:36 PM 04-14-2008
Yeahhhh I ordered a MT today and a wrap as well! I had them sent to my sisters in the states and she will to send them on to me. Cant wait. What do you think


And this sling ( in the color strawberry fields forever )
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 03:33 PM 04-14-2008
I just noticed on the same web site that they have mt cozy with a pouch do you think that they are better? they look more comfortable
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 04:09 PM 04-14-2008
Pretty sling. I love my Rockin' Baby.
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 04:16 PM 04-14-2008
ColoradoMama your kids are beautiful!

rmzbm Congratulations! I remember you from ttc. Did you have a boy or a girl?
Pynki's Avatar Pynki 04:26 PM 04-14-2008
I love mine, but couldn't drop the money, so I made one.

I didn't find it particularly difficult, if you can sew or know someone who would sew for it that might be a more economical route for you.

Here are a couple of sites with different patterns.
jul511riv's Avatar jul511riv 04:53 PM 04-14-2008
Originally Posted by prancie View Post
If I had to pick one carrier forever, it would be a mei tai. I have other kinds, but for all around ease and usefulness, a mei tai can't be beaten (IMHO).
my thoughts exactly!
junipermuse's Avatar junipermuse 04:54 PM 04-14-2008
I can't imagine my life without my mei tai. I own a baby hawk and have used it since my baby was 3.5 months (when I bought it), and it is currently my most used carrier (I don't own a lot though). It is so secure for holding my baby on my back while doing house work. It is comfortable for places when I am out and about and walking around a lot too. My baby is 14 months and 21lbs now so unless I'm holding her for just a short time I can't use my ring sling, so it's the babyhawk all the way.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 05:46 PM 04-14-2008
Originally Posted by Jezzy View Post
ColoradoMama your kids are beautiful!
Thank you!

You have a beautiful family, too!

I love it when MDCers have pictures of their families!
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 05:29 AM 04-15-2008
Any thoughts on the mt with a pouch for the bum? Here is a pic Mt w/ Pouch
Kay11's Avatar Kay11 01:32 PM 04-15-2008
I don't think that's a pouch, it's a pocket like on the Ergo.
Jezzy's Avatar Jezzy 02:25 PM 04-15-2008
Originally Posted by Kay11 View Post
I don't think that's a pouch, it's a pocket like on the Ergo.
nak oops you are right
e.naomisandoval's Avatar e.naomisandoval 06:00 PM 04-15-2008
I could never get comfy in a mei tai. My best guess is that it is because I am super tall and it's just harder on shoulders and upper back for a taller person? And also, I could never stand the feeling of the waist strap digging into my soft middle section. I am good in a structured baby carrier and tend to wear the waist strap low, on my hips. And I can teach someone else to use a mei tai and they'll prefer it over a structured baby carrier, so it's all up to individual preference, and the baby carriers too; each brand is so very different and fit can't be generalized!
blumom2boyz's Avatar blumom2boyz 06:35 PM 04-15-2008
Love my Babyhawk! I got mine before ds3 was born and still use it (and he is ~27 lbs).