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My beloved MIL told us that if we didn't put DS into a stroller he'd never get used to it. We carried him full-time for a year. He's now 17 months and loves his stroller. HA.

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People feel uncomfortable when they see attached parents. It subconciously makes them question everything they've done and have been taught.
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy View Post
What she means is "they didn't have readily available in this country/culture when my baby was young".

When my dd1 was a baby (she's 14), the only sling I could find was a snugli, others just weren't available.
Yes! That exactly! After reading the first page I was coming her to say that. I'm guilty of saying "they didn't have those when my kids were babies, or if they had them I didn't know where to find them". I had the Snugli but I wasn't fond of it and neither was my firstborn. I knew women in other countries made their own wraps but the thought never crossed my mind to "make" my own (I can't sew and I guess I assumed it had to be sewn). Anyway, some of us older moms didn't have internet back in the day and the local Babies R Us just started carrying wraps a few years back.
I've thought about getting a wrap now anyway just to carry my kitty-cat around.
I always try to compliment mamas when I see them babywearing. It looks so sweet and comfy!

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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
I got "Can he breathe in there?" and I sassed back with, "No, I have to take him out once in a while and resuscitate him."

Originally Posted by eurobin View Post
Oh...and my favorite while wearing DD in a sling was always, "they didn't have THOSE THINGS when my baby was young."
I've always responded to that one with "Indigenous cultures have been using them for centuries"
I appreciate IrishMommy's comment that they are not readily available everywhere (the internet sure has changed that kind of thing!), but I guess I figure that a mom who wanted to carry her baby everywehre would have...my mom did that with her first five, until she found out about slings and finally got one with her sixth baby.

Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post
I totally believe that being worn helps balance and core muscle strength. Mine spent a lot of time in a sling and all sat/crawled/walked by 12 mo (one at 8 mo!).
My worn baby walked at 11m.
The funny thing is that I still always wore him in public because that was wintertime in alaska and we live in a tiny walking-only town (80 people) and he wouldn't have been solid enough nor able to walk fast enough to walk down to the PO Box with me for example... He has gotten faster of course (he's 20m now), so now he often walks with me (although I do still throw him on my back sometimes). People are constantly commenting "Oh, he finally learned to walk"

OK, and here's the craziest thing I have had peopel say to me--and a LOT of people have said it. They seem to think they are really clever when they do too: "gee, he's getting big. Pretty soon he'll be carrying you"
Um, ok?!

I was wearing him on my back this summer in a structured carrier (ABC style but with clips rather than ties). I know his legs stick out funny when I wear him in that, but he seems very comfortable and falls asleep in it all the time, so I'm not worried...I had one lady approach me and ask if I'd made the carrier myself. I said yes. She seemed genuinely concerned, and asked if it was ok for him to have his legs at that angle (ie, she thought I wasn't aware because he was on my back). I assured her it was. I think *I* would not be comfortable at that angle, but DS clearly is, so what's the problem, kwim?!

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We were at the mall and the girls were all asleep. Two in the stroller and one in the Connecta with the hood up. Some lady kept talking to her friend about us loud enough for us to hear about "How can that baby breathe? Its suffocating in there!" (We were in line for coffee.) When we finished paying and walked past her I said, "She breathes the same way you do."

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My SIL had a big ol' travel system with her newborn in a bucket seat. She was lamenting how bulky and annoying it was, and said there *had* to be something better.

I was wearing my 1 yo DD in a pouch sling at the time, holding doors open for SIL, helping her get the stroller down the 2 steps, etc. It took me less time to get DD into the sling than for her to get baby strapped into the bucket let alone get the stroller out of the trunk, open it, get the bucket out of the car (having had to leave her child unattended in the car), put the bucket in the stroller, get it to snap in *just so,* etc.

"There has to be something easier," she said.

I said "Sure, there is!" arms out all Vanna White style.

She quickly mumbled, "Well, something *in between,* maybe."

I've had many, many more positive comments than negatives, but I've heard all the comments listed here, too.

Actually, we haven't used the sling in a LONG time, and I'm thinking about getting it out for my nearly 2 yo (this Saturday! *sniff *sniff* Time flies!) because she refuses to ride in a grocery cart, and although she can make it most of the way down to Trader Joe's and back on foot, I'm still stuck carrying her for part of it, and I'm just too PG to deal with that. Wonder what kind of comments I'll get about *that.*
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"This isn't the Third World." Said very grumpily. : I figure he was an example of what happens if your mama doesn't cuddle you enough when you're a baby...and took it as a sign I was doing something right!

Folks a couple generations back - the 50s generation - I think were totally sold on the idea that playpens were beneficial for babies. The whole marketing shaping culture thing. The little old ladies in my Dh's family were convinced that wearing my Dd in a sling was going to keep her from developing properly, that she needed to be in a playpen so she could "stregthen her legs" and all sorts of things. Plus it would give me a break. Dd walked at 9.5 mos. Dd2 walked at 9 mos. Ds 1 walked at 8.5 mos. Babywearing doesn't prevent walking!!!! :

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I have to comment on the "they didn't have things like that when....." Right before our ds was born 4.5 years ago, our SIL dropped off some baby items that she got when her now 19.5 yo and 17 yo ds's were babies. One of the items was a Nojo Sling. She didn't use them much because she's an "Independence Mom" but Nojo must have been around then.

I get both positive and negative comments. Our 2yo dd loves our MT and leaps onto my back to get into it all the time.

For Mother's Day, we hiked up a mountain on a fairly rugged trail. My MIL wondered if we took a stroller because it would easier on me. Huh.

My favorite comment: "Looks like you've got your hands full." Uh-huh.
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Originally Posted by Beth F View Post
My favorite comment: "Looks like you've got your hands full." Uh-huh.

That's got to be the dumbest comment I get, it happens once in a while and I always wonder if they are talking to me, because they can't possibly be so dense as not to notice I happen to be holding my baby without using my hands at all?
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MIL keeps asking if we use the stroller and seems fairly confused/put out that we don't. Fair enough, I suppose, since she bought it for us...

But anyway, she was visiting one time and took DS to the park in the stroller. She came back going on and on about how much he LOVES the stroller.

Of course he does. To him it's an amusement park ride. She doesn't seem to get that though.
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