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They say the cutest things

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01-07-2004 | Posts: 1,555
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Dd turned 3 in Dec. and sort of weaned last summer (about Aug. 21st ish) but recently has a new found interest in bfing. The other night she looked at me and said, "mom, I don't want to nurse them, I just want to feel the mambally glams."
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That is too cute
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that is too funny! thanks for sharing.
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You want to know what mine said today??? "Jessie should drink milk from a bottle." : I kept questioning her since I felt like she was just being argumentative because she was in a bad mood. It turns out that she wants to feed Jessie. She already grabs my breast and helps put it in, what more does she want to do?
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02-24-2004 | Posts: 1,555
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She wants to do it all by herself.:LOL

I forgot to tell this one when I was pregnant. Dd nicknamed the belly baby Shigogi. She came up with it herself. One day we were cuddling and my tummy rumbled. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, Shigogi tooted.":LOL
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