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On my mom's side, the line has been maintained to this day. However, I suspect my grandmother and all earlier generations probably nursed longer than my mom, given that she nursed me and my brothers for 1 month.

Still, it left a lasting impression on me, since my youngest brother is 9 yrs younger than me. So naturally I though this would be the proper thing to do when I had my own babies in the future...

On DH's side, it's a different story. His grandmother was told by the doctors in the 1940s that her milk wasn't good enough, so my late MIL and her siblings were not BFed. DH was born in the 1970s, and it was trendy to give women shots to dry up their milk after giving birth. DH was not BFed either. Fortunately, he was very supportive of me BFing, and never questioned why.

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I was unsuccessful at BF'ing past the first few weeks (lots of issues), and my son is the FIRST generation in my family to not be BF. I was BF'd, my mom was (who was born in 1950), and everyone before her were as well.

Well, I say I didn't BF, because I failed and ended up FF. BUT, I started off BF'ing... that's another story I guess. So maybe my son WAS BF'd, just not for long.
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I think my mom was BFd. I was BFd along with my siblings. Mom said I weaned at about 1, but looking back, she thinks it was more of a strike, but she didn't know. My bro and sis nursed until they were at least 2.

If I didn't nurse DS, I think I would have been shamed out of the family! It is nice to have that support though. Mom and dad also co-slept with us and CD. They are also anti vax now (not when we were younger). At least I'm not "weird" to them!
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I was FF (late '60s), DH & his sibs were FF (mid '50s); I don't know about our parents. Both of our daughters were BF past a year.

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I'm pretty sure my grandparents were all BF. Mostly poor during the Depression, so I'm not seeing anyone having money for formula (except my paternal grandma, I think they were pretty well off - who knows?). Both my parents were ff though. My mom BF all of us, and all of mine are/were BF. In DH's family, he was BF, but only for a short time (he had eczema and everyone told MIL it was her milk). MIL BF the other 6 for much longer. I don't know if MIL or FIL were BF or FF. I'll have to ask....

So, I guess on my side anyway it's 2 generations of BFing so far. I have 3 boys, but I'm a Leader and they've been pretty brainwashed. I can't imagine they'd want their children to have anything but BM. Hopefully we'll keep it going!
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I'm the only one who wasn't BF... and my mother really tried. She was BF for 4 years, and my father for 3.5

My husband's family - both he and his bro nursed for 2 months and then his mom really and truly suddenly lost her milk overnight.

Everyone else before them nursed for extended periods. My FIL nursed until he was 3-4.

Of course, we're not from the USA
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My sisters and I were FF. My parents were FF, well they got some water-starch-mixture as there was no formula and both their moms were seriously underweight and had little to eat after WW2. My dad's family had starch sent over from West German family or he would have starved. (both grandmas tried, but obviously without ample nourishment and weighing under 100lbs, no surprise there).
DH was FF, his siblings Bf for 9 months - MIL had a boob job before he was born and oh well, apparently they cut something (MILs story).... but DH's parents have been BF, but for about one year.
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Sadly, I am not entirely sure. My assumption is 2nd generation, and that while my grandparents were breastfed infants themselves (hello, Great Depression!) my own parents were not. My maternal grandma died when I was 8 so never had the chance to discuss it with her - but my mom and her siblings were born in the 50s and I know formula was very common. My dad I know was formula fed as he suffers from Crohn's disease, and he told me being a formula fed baby probably contributed.

Now my mother on the other hand BF all four of us kids She BF my older brother the least (she said she had little support so made it as long as she could), but considering it was 1972 and she was 19 years old even the few months she made it with him was pretty impressive really. With me and my two younger sisters, she nursed us for 9 months to a year.

My MIL was even more impressive - she is super conservative funny enough, but nursed all of her kids until almost two years old She is definitely more of a lactivist, and made some pretty snarky comments to her own daughter who chose to formula feed.
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I was bf'ed for 3 weeks and then FF'ed. DH was FF'ed from the start, MIL "just never wanted to do that" ... I think the benefits of breastfeeding weren't so well known then though, formula was "better" for awhile, and only people to poor to buy formula bf'ed....

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My grandmother nursed each of her 5 children for 6 weeks, then switched to formula. That's when the doctor told her that there was no point in nursing anymore.

My grandmother on my dads's side nursed for a few months, then switched to formula. My dad said she tended to get pregnant when the last baby was only a few months old, so she would switch to formula.

My mom nursed all of us but her first (bad info with him), all weaning at varying ages and my older sisters did get formula for a few months. But the two youngest (me included) she nursed for over 2 years, no formula.

My sisters FF too.

So I guess 2 generations so far since I consider my mom and dedicated bf'er even though it took her a few kids to get it right, with all the crappy info she endured.

I hope to have made at least SOME impact on the children in my life and they will consider bf'ing (or supporting their partner) when they have kids.
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DH and I were both breastfed for about 3 months (mid-'70s). I know my grandma nursed my mom (mid-'50s) ... and Grandma was born in 1917, so I would be shocked if she'd been bottle-fed! I don't know if MIL was nursed by her mother, but I know FIL was. He grew up in England in the '40s and '50s and remembers nursing moms being a very common site that no one thought twice a about. Not sure about my biological father, as I have little contact with his family.
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I was breastfed, my mom was not, but I suspect that my grandmother was breastfed, although I don't know for sure. On my dad's side I'm reasonably certain there's a continuous line of breastfeeders. I remember my paternal grandmother telling me about breastfeeding her kids (in the late 1940s, early 1950s) and people asking why on earth she would do that, but she stuck to her guns because she thought it was silly not to. My grandmother was a bit dim on a lot of issues, so I found that really amazing.
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I know that my father and his two brothers were breastfed. My grandma was amazed to learn that your milk does not in fact disappear when they turn 12 months old.
I don't know about any of my grandparents and I don't know if my mom and her brother and sister were breast or formula fed.
Mom breastfed both my sister and I. Me for a year (when I was 12 months old she left me for a weekend and I just wouldn't nurse again after that) and she's not sure how long she nursed my sister.

DH and his siblings were all breastfed except for his younger sister. She was only nursed for about 6 weeks. Then MIL couldn't handle the stress of trying to nurse her while BIL was climbing on the table, etc so she switched to formula. DH was nursed for a bit over a year.
I don't know if FIL or MIL were breast or formula fed, but I would guess that MIL was breastfed because her mom and dad were very poor and had 6 kids.

I have breastfed all of my kids. My first two were weaned sooner than a year, but my third is still nursing (will be 4 on the 15th) and my fourth is only 4 months and so still at it. LOL
My sister tried to nurse her first and early on changed to formula. Her second she was more determined and made it to 9 or 10 months I believe. That was fun because she and I were nursing little ones at the same time.


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On my side - no one has been formula-fed before 6 months. DH on the other hand I suspect was FF from birth.

My mother's mother was not around when I (eldest child) was born, and my mother's OB etc all just assumed she would be FFing. Luckily those were the days when new mothers stayed in hospital for a week, and the newly-immigrated Jamaican housekeeper became her lactation consultant & taught her how to BF.

My twins were exclusively BF, never saw a drop of formula.
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My grandmothers- no idea
My mother- formula fed
Me- formula fed
my kids- breastfed

So far I only have boys, though, so between that and my history, I'm not feeling any generational love yet
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My Mother was not breastfed but my father was. I was also not breastfed but 2 of my 4 siblings were for 6 and 9 month. My husband wasnt breastfed, he was a bit of a premie at just under 5 pounds, but MIL did breastfeed his siblings for a few weeks each until she had to go back to work. Canada only had the 6 week maternity leave back then. I'm lucky in my MIL because she remembers her mother breastfeeding her siblings for 2 years or until the next came along. I've therefore had a bit of support with extended breastfeeding from her. My Mom on the other hand has lots of misconceptions about breastfeeding. She is still amazed that my milk hasn't dried up. You know it does over time. I've tried to explain supply and demand but she still thinks I am dry nursing DS2. My first son was breastfed for 9 months as I gave into the misconceptions my Mom had placed in my of my milk drying up. It's my fault for not seeking for more info.

Wife to DH, Mom to my Intact Boys DS1: Born 02 Pain Med Free Hospital Birth, BF'ed for 9 Months, Partially Vax'd DS2: Born 06 via UC, BF'ed 3 years 10 months, and UnVax'd
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My mother was not BFed as she was adopted.
As for my father I have no idea, I am assuming no. His mother was an alcoholic, frequently abandoned him, and he was often left in the care of family members.

As for DH he was BFed for a few months, then my MIL stated he was so hungry he just needed formula w/ infant cereal.
As for DH older sister, she never saw a drop of formula cause the doc told her not to BF, and gave her some awful drug to dry up her milk?! My mother was given this too. She said it was later taken off the market because it made women sick or lead to cancer.

My DH sister BFed all 3 of her children, with some supplementation. She BFed the oldest for 2 yrs!

As for my side of the family they are pretty much anti breast feeding
I have heard I should wean as soon as they get teeth, I'll never succeed at it
and my milk will dry up. Or that I will spoil my babies too much.

My aunt tried to BF but her milk dried up and she never tried again.
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I KNOW DH was breastfed until 6 weeks old when his mom had to return to work. I was breastfed until 9 months when my mother gave me cows milk. My mother AND father were both breastfed until around 9months, I presume my 87 year old grandmother would have been breastfed, although ive never asked and my Grandpa-who recently died at the age of 87 was def. breastfed, he was from a wealthy family and his parents paid poor women to wet nurse him.

Formula feeding is kinda taboo in my side of the family. When babies are born there is never really a question about IF they will be breastfed, they just are.

Mummy to Samuel 02/08 and new baby Molly- 04/10
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I was not breastfed. My mother, born in 1949) was not breastfed. She was raised in So California. I was born in late 1970 and back then (in her words) only "poor people and dirty hippies" were breastfeeding.

One of her brothers was FF and the younger was BF. I can't figure out the logic on that one.

My 2 stepkids (14, 11) were not breastfed. They were mortified when DD #1 was born-they had never seen a breastfed baby. SO was the same way; had never known of a baby being breastfed. Now with our 6 week old, BFing is an old hat. And when I get frustrated and say "just go buy formula" SO adamantly refuses. (I say it in jest-we've not had to use formula with either.)

I hope that my efforts help my stepdaughter in some way, along with my daughters.
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I'm a 3rd (at least) generation breastfeeder. My mom breastfed my brother, sister and I, and my Nana breastfed her 4 children. I am especially impressed with my Nana. My mom was the youngest and was born in 56 in **********, Alabama. Back then, especially in that area, racism was alive and well, and breastfeeding was seen as something only "poor black people" did. After all, affluent people would just buy formula which must have been better since it was made by scientists

My grandmother ( who by the way was a civil rights activist and sociology prof.) stood up against the social pressures and did what was best for her children. I don't know for a fact, but I'm pretty sure she and her ancestors were breastfed. I doubt Swedish immigrants with a huge family could afford formula.
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This is all so interesting. I am pretty sure my grandparents were breast fed, although my grandmother might not have been. They were kind of wealthy and I could see my great grandmother choosing not too. My mom and I were both FF'd. My grandmother was told breast feeding wasn't healthy and her kids would be sickly. This scared my grandma as her brother died as a young boy from scarlet fever. Her brother was always "sickly" before he died so of course she didn't want that to happen to her babies. My mom tried for 3 weeks with me, but she has severely inverted nipples and there just wasn't as much support around. She delivered at a catholic hospital with nuns for nurses, so they weren't really experienced and didn't even want to help. My mom gave up after I had lost over 1 lbs. My mom regrets that even still. She didn't even try with my twin sisters. She said two babies with a two year old and the problems she had with me were enough to make her skip it. But again, she regrets it.

I was the first in my generation to BF, but I am the only one so far who has had kids. My sisters are planning on it, one is pg and the other is ttc. They watched me BF and they know it can be done. I was even very young with my first (17) and still nursed him till he weaned on his own at 11 months.

I did however have aunts I watched nurse. My mothers brothers wives nursed their kids anywhere between 2 and 4 years. So I at least saw that and thought it was "normal".
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My DH and I were both breastfed. Our mothers were both FF. My dad was breastfed for a short amount of time (he was "allergic to her milk" but unfortunately he was also allergic to formula- or whatever they used in the early 40s- and had horrible eczema as a baby) and I have no idea about FIL. I'm pretty sure that my grandma was breastfed because she was born at home in the teens. I don't know for sure about any of my grandparents but I assume all were breastfed as all were born in the aughts, teens or twenties.

I'm surprised that both my mother and MIL BF with very little support. I'm grateful they did because I know that my allergies and skin issues would likely be worse, and DH has enough health problems as it is- I don't want to think about how they'd be if he were FF as a baby. DH and I were both born in the late 70s when very few were breastfeeding. Even more surprising is my mom BF in the 60s! My dad was adamently against it, too, but he was off to war and it made the decision to BF easy for my mom. Once she had done it with one baby, she did it with all of us. My dad became supportive once he realized that only mom could handle the nightwakings because he couldn't feed the baby!

Mama to DD (5) DD (3) and DS (2 months)
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