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jenfl's Avatar jenfl 01:46 PM 06-30-2010
Our pediatrician has a relatively new practice (4-5 months old). They're just getting settled in, so I brought an International Breastfeeding Symbol for their nursing room, which she really appreciated.

She nursed her daughter for 4 months, but stopped when she couldn't pump enough at work. So although she's verbally very supportive of breastfeeding, there isn't much pro-breastfeeding information available -- although there's some (but not tons of) formula stuff.

I said that I knew she probably had lots of formula reps coming around offering samples and literature and handouts. I said that I couldn't provide samples, but that I'd like to be her "breastfeeding rep". I offered to bring in information sheets, posters, pointers to local resources, etc. And she loved the idea!

So.... now I need to come up with the stuff. I know I want a sheet with resources -- local stuff like LLL and lactation consultants, and websites like kellymom. I'd like some posters for the rooms and nursing room. Some information about breastfeeding myths and information for pumping moms.

What's your favorite breastfeeding information for new moms and moms having trouble? What would you make available if your pediatrician gave you advertising room?

Youngfrankenstein's Avatar Youngfrankenstein 02:36 PM 06-30-2010
That is a great idea! I was just noticing at my peds office (I love him to death but it's a big office) that the clock is a similac clock. They still use the similac measuring tapes too.

It is an office of the most major, local children's hospital in the area. I'm wondering if they would accept some new pro breastfeeding stuff.
Lineymom's Avatar Lineymom 07:09 PM 06-30-2010
There is a website... it escapes me... Anyway it has a list of "booby traps" that work against sucessful bfeeding. it seems I remember they had posters...

eta the site I was meaning
Chavelamomela's Avatar Chavelamomela 11:32 AM 07-01-2010
What a great idea! I don't have any specific info, but I wanted to tell you how much I admire your creativity and enthusiasm to do this! Go mama!
fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 11:42 AM 07-01-2010
Jack Newman's BF'ing Handouts are here and can be printed out for free...
Artichokie's Avatar Artichokie 12:44 PM 07-01-2010
idk how much you are up for spending, but you could have a replacement clock custom made from cafepress:

You could also get a bunch of bumper stickers to hand out to new moms.
St. Margaret 04:43 AM 07-02-2010
This is a fantastic idea! I've been shocked and very pleased at the total lack of advertising/swag in my neww CNM/OB's offices, but when we hit the ped again (we never go with DD#1) I am SO going to offer to do this...