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Carita's Avatar Carita 01:25 PM 07-06-2010
My sister was in town & my dad invited us up to Bar Harbor to eat. M daughter was less than a month old & I took her. She wasn't wanting to nurse to the table, so I went out to the lobby where it was quieter & darker and nursed on the steps to the upstairs dining room. They hostess came over & asked if i needed anything and said "you have the right to nurse wherever you'd like, however if you need someplace quieter (occasionally people needed to pass on the narrow stairs), I'd be happy too let you use one of the rooms upstairs, but you are welcome to nurse here too."

Again, that's Galyn's in Bar Harbor. The food was great too

Chavelamomela's Avatar Chavelamomela 01:55 PM 07-08-2010
wow, nicely done.

I would write them a letter thanking them for such a positive experience and ensuring your ability to nurse where you were and comfortably. Very classy.
HopefulJo's Avatar HopefulJo 03:33 PM 07-08-2010
I was just in Bar Harbor last week vacationing, and went to the 4th of July parade... and was excited to see a homebirth midwife group and a mama nursing in (very) public on their "float" (wagon)! Seemed like a very natural-friendly area. I wouldn't see anything like this in a parade where I'm from!
triana1326's Avatar triana1326 03:34 PM 07-08-2010
Go Bar Harbor! Way to make me proud to be a Mainer!