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AAK's Avatar AAK 12:45 PM 07-17-2010

It is really about breastfeeding. I enjoyed it.


Raine822's Avatar Raine822 01:00 PM 07-17-2010
This was great!!! The car-seat analogy really hits home with me because my mother tries to not properly use a car seat. She gives me all the "you were fine" stuff but it boils down to her not wanting to learn how to use it properly.

I also love that it points out that even though baby is fine now there can be long term effects. How many FF parents complain that baby is always sick? overweight? BF does not prevent illness or obesity 100% but it still helps.
calebsmommy25's Avatar calebsmommy25 01:32 PM 07-17-2010
Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading.