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LilyRN's Avatar LilyRN 11:27 PM 07-19-2010
My BIL is 22 years old and in some ways a very stereotypical college guy. But the other day he couldn't have been more UNTYPICAL, when I was criticized for NIP by one of DH's family members (I was even covered up!). I was somewhat shocked by the criticism and was speechless for a moment, when he jumped in with a long list of the benefits of breastfeeding, and even cited state law that it wasn't even necessary to cover up! "I wouldn't want to eat my lunch in the restroom, would you?!"

Swan3's Avatar Swan3 03:33 AM 07-20-2010
Yay for male lactivists!
PatioGardener's Avatar PatioGardener 05:13 AM 07-20-2010
Originally Posted by Swan3 View Post
Yay for male lactivists!

especially younger, childless ones! that's awesome!
SashaBreeze's Avatar SashaBreeze 01:08 PM 07-20-2010
Very Awesome!

For years my nephew (now in his early 20's) would come over with his friends to play games and stuff and while they were there I would always nurse my babies as I normally would. It would take a couple of visits before his friends would get use to it. But now all of them, down to the last one, are very much lactivist and find it weird that they ever were uncomfortable around it!

I wonder if your BIL saw a good model of breastfeeding normalcy at some point in his life, or if he realized the truth through some other means? It would be interesting to find out.
Tine's Avatar Tine 01:09 PM 07-20-2010
Your BIL is made of awesome. Please give him a big, fat smooch from me.