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Lineymom's Avatar Lineymom 05:38 PM 07-21-2010
I don't really get out much, so don't have tons of NIP experience. I thought I would share some positive experiences I had yesterday. We had a conference for my older DSs home-based charter school. I nursed DD during the meeting no one batted an eye and the lady behind me nursed too!

Then we went to a water park where I nursed her again. No one seemed bothered. Then DH told me 2 others babies had been nursing there before me.

This is the first time IRL I have been around this many nursing moms and in such public places!!!! I am in the south, btw.

njeb's Avatar njeb 09:34 PM 07-21-2010
That's excellent! From the sounds of it, you seem to live in a BF-positive environment. It's good to know that the South has improved greatly in the last 20 years.
Lineymom's Avatar Lineymom 11:42 PM 07-21-2010
I never thought I did live in a BF-friendly place. That is why I was so surprised! We are in a small rural area, but had traveled to a bigger town 2.5hrs away, so maybe that is why.
njeb's Avatar njeb 11:16 AM 07-22-2010
Yes, that sounds like my experience. Here in Iowa, it's common to see mothers bf in the cities, but ff is the rule in small towns. I wish there was some way to increase the bf rate in rural areas. We are sooooo far behind.