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ein328's Avatar ein328 12:54 PM 07-30-2010
So this week after my appointment with my MW (she works in a military treatment facility), I had to go back to the front desk at OB and make my next appointment.

That's when I noticed that the desk staff was using mousepads with Enfamil advertising all over them- I'm assuming they were "gifted."

It made me so mad! I really, really want to have some mousepads made with the BF symbol on them, and to write them a letter and include them. Has anyone seen these anywhere? Am I way off-base? Any other suggestions?

Mamja's Avatar Mamja 02:53 PM 07-30-2010,90472105

I would think a lot of photo sites would be able to print them out, but it seems pretty expensive. I think that's a great idea though!