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Chavelamomela's Avatar Chavelamomela 01:05 PM 08-04-2010
Saw this cute video on Youtibe:

annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 01:14 PM 08-04-2010
I like this and shared it on my Facebook. I'm looking for something similar (maybe even a little milder, LOL!) to post today.
ramama's Avatar ramama 02:25 PM 08-04-2010
Thanks for sharing! That was cute and to-the-point. I posted it on FB too!
newtomotherhood's Avatar newtomotherhood 06:50 PM 08-04-2010
I posted it on my facebook as well! Thought it was awesome!
TabithaB's Avatar TabithaB 08:37 PM 08-04-2010